NAET in Europe

NAET in Europe

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques

Eliminate your allergies and allergy-related illnesses the “natural way” with NAET. Over 10.000 practitioners worldwide and already 1.200 in Europe. Information, practitioner’s locator, training seminars for health professionals, books and material…
NAET has been described in the book (1000p): Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide“, as “one of the fastest-growing new therapies in the field of alternative medicine”.


Allergy and the respiratory system

Allergy and the respiratory system

Eczema and asthma

As a baby I developed eczema on my back and throughout my childhood had outbreaks behind my knees and in my elbows. At the age of 5, I also developed asthma. These diseases were not very common at that time and my attacks were somewhat of a novelty at school. Of course this also made treatment very basic.
It was not until I was well into my teens that I developed hay fever, and my asthma attacks began to last longer, and I also developed a form of weeping eczema. After a period in hospital with a bad attack of asthma, I was prescribed Becotide (a preventor) and Ventolin (a reliever) inhalers, which I have used ever since.
Approximately 8 years ago my eczema began to get much worse and eventually my dermatologist said that my immune system had completely broken down. At this stage I suffered from recurring abscesses in my teeth, which would not heal despite large doses of antibiotics. It was then that my own GP and myself felt that conventional medicine had no more to offer me and recommended me to a homeopath. Unfortunately, under this regime one has to get worse before one can get better and, after discarding all medication except my inhalers, I developed eczema all over my body with the exception of my feet. For the first 3 months I do not believe that I slept at all.
However after approximately 2 years I began to see great improvement, but then suffered a massive asthma attack, which put me into hospital for a second time. I believe that this attack was due to a combination of unseasonably hot weather and the flowering of the rapeseed crop. However, my homeopath was concerned enough to consider that it was no longer safe to treat me.
I have since tried every other alternative you can think of with the exception of herbal remedies, and all have played their part in making some improvement. However, 18 months ago, after yet another deterioration in my condition, I was searching the Internet and came across NAET. It was fortunate for me that 2 people had just begun to practice in England, and I started my treatments in a weekly basis in September, 2000. It is now November, 2001 and after approximately 60 treatments, I am now left with a small amount of eczema on my face and hands, which is gradually reducing with every treatment I have. I have also never felt better in my life. Since April this year I have used my Becotide inhaler for one week (after using it twice daily for 23 years) and have barely used my Ventolin at all – even through the rapeseed season, which was when I always suffered the most.
I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough. It gets to the cause of the allergy (extremely important when it comes to environmental allergens), does not merely mask the symptoms, and is the only treatment I have tried where I have been encouraged to continue use of relieving medication whilst having treatment. The best thing is of course, after the first 25 hours, you don’t have to avoid the allergen anymore!

Julie Holland, England

Hay-fever and bronchitis

I suffered from hay fever and bronchitis since the age of twelve, ever since I moved to Norwalk, Calif. Dr. Devi treated me for my allergy to yeast, pollens, grasses, flowers, perfumes and mold. I have been totally symptom-free for the past 13 years (since 1986).

Janna Gossen
La Mirada, CA

Dust allergy

I suffered from sneezing and runny nose if I came near any dust. I had to wear a mask if I had to go out of the house. It was very embarrassing. My social life was limited. I took allergy shots since childhood. It helped me somewhat. I was referred to Dr. Devi by my chiropractor. After being treated for dust and dust mite with NAET, I do not react to dust anymore. I am able to travel all over the world now without wearing a mask. I visited India, Greece, Egypt and many other European countries in the past couple of years without any trouble. NAET is a revolutionary technique indeed!

Toby W.
Laguna Beach, CA

Can Vitamin C cause or cure a cold?

I was sold on Dr. Devi‘s treatment when I first got treated for Vitamin C. It seemed that I would get a cold once or twice a week and was still taking 2,000 or 3,000 units of vitamin C tablets a day. She found out I was allergic to vitamin C, I got treated and now I feel better because I can absorb the vitamin C better.

Marla S.
Anaheim, CA

Anaphylaxis due to shellfish

I reacted severely to fish or fish products since childhood. Whenever I ate a minute portion of fish or shellfish, my throat closed up, I couldn’t breathe, I could break out with huge hives all over my body and I ended up in the emergency room for hours with cortisone and other emergency drugs. On a few occasions, I had to be hospitalized for a few days. One of I my friends, who was treated by Dr. Devi for his peanut allergy, suggested that I see her for my life-threatening fish allergy. I was curious about NAET.
She treated me for all the basics before she treated me for fish groups.
I had a severe reaction during the first treatment for fish. As soon as she placed the clear glass vial with the energy of fish in my hand, my hand swelled up and I broke out in red hives all over the body. I got up from the treatment table to reach for my adrenaline shot, which I carried all the time with me. But she stopped me. She commanded me to turn over. She looked very confident. I obeyed her and she applied firm pressure on my back, up and down along the spine for a few times. When she finished
applying the acupressure along my spine, she asked me to turn on my back.
She tested my arm. I was strong. She asked me how I was doing. I was breathing better than ever and my throat did not feel restricted anymore. I looked at my bare arms. Red rashes began fading away. This is magic, I thought. She was standing in front of me with that smile of confidence waiting for my answer. “Better,” I said with a sigh of relief. I had to have three combination treatments for fish (fish group, lungs, colon, spleen and liver, fish group and base, fish group and heat, each on a separate office visit). After completion of the treatments she told me to hold a small portion of fish in my palm and sit for 30 minutes. I felt fine. Then she asked me to eat a small portion of fish. I had my adrenaline near me when I ate a piece of fish, but nothing happened.
Ever since I was treated for fish, I eat fish at least twice a week without any problem now. This is the best discovery man (woman) has ever made in medicine.

Dave Moore

Peanut allergy

My eight-year-old son had severe peanut allergy ever since he was a baby. When he was three years old he had to be taken to the emergency room after he ate a touch of peanut butter. He would get asthma, break out in huge hives and his throat would swell if he smelled peanut oil or roasted peanuts. So we never used peanuts or peanut oil in the house. It was a nightmare for me to read all the labels before I buy food products or send him to school where children eat peanuts and candies and most of them included peanuts. Then I heard about NAET.
Sam was treated by NAET for peanuts. After he was treated he accidentally ate a cookie with peanut. He did not have a reaction. I am not planning to feed him peanuts for meals. But I am more at ease now knowing that he will not have a life-threatening reaction if he ate
peanuts accidentally somewhere. Thank you Dr Devi, for your miraculous contribution to
the world!

Sharon M.

From permanent disability to fully active life!

The doctors had told me that I would be permanently disabled and the medicine I was taking was to the absolute limit. That was when I could not walk across the floor without sitting down and resting because my breath was so short from the asthma I had suffered with for 12 years. A friend had told me about Dr. Devi, but I thought I would wait for a while because I had no experience with acupuncture. But finally I decided that I had no choice but to go, see and find out what would happen.
My life has not been the same ever since! Previously, I had been tested for all kinds of allergies and the doctors I had gone to had told me that my asthma was from emotions, not allergies, because the testing I had done did not show anything significant. Devi tested me with the muscle weakness test and that showed I was allergic to almost everything I was coming in contact with, including my medication and my husband.
Since coming to her, I have been able to walk, bicycle, and eat foods that I no longer react to because of the treatments. I am a voice teacher and had thought I would not be able to sing any longer. Now I am singing, my medicine dosage is minimal, and I am living a life that I did not think, for me, would ever again be possible.
I thought my life was for the most part over, as far as looking normal. That is not true, and with Dr. Devi’s help, I am living a normal life!

M. Brazil

Asthma and sinusitis

I came to Dr. Devi through a friend in 1985. I suffered from asthma since childhood. During the last 7 years I developed severe sinusitis. I was on antibiotics at least 20 days of a month. My symptoms were sinus headaches, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Within the first two months, my sinus headaches were reduced by 90 percent. By then the coughing and wheezing were virtually gone. I was treated by NAET for 8 months and I was completely free of symptoms. Previously, I tested positive for grasses, pollens and trees. As per her advice, I waited for 10 months more after completion of NAET to do a traditional allergy blood test (RAST). I tested negative for grasses, pollens and trees this time. I am free of asthma and sinusitis for the past 14 years! Thanks to Dr. Devi and NAET.

Jimmy A.
Anaheim, CA

My chronic cough was cured by NAET!

I suffered from severe dry cough for four years. I coughed throughout the day. It became worse at night, after I would go to bed and early in the morning, when I woke up. I have tried western medicine, holistic medicine, and homeopathic remedies for four years. Nothing gave any relief. I changed my bed linen to 100% cotton, kept my home free of dust, and used air and water purifiers. I tried every possible treatment known to get relief. Then a friend guided me to Dr. Devi. She evaluated me in her office and on the very first visit asked me if I was using any special mouthwash. I used this special mouthwash every night before I went to bed and every morning after I brushed my teeth. She treated me for the mouthwash. I had to avoid it for 40 hours. My cough stopped, just as if someone had turned off a switch, after the treatment for the mouthwash. Now I use it regularly without any trouble.

Marion S.
Costa Mesa

Allergy to wool and cigarette smoke

I have had a lifetime of allergies including asthma, hay fever, sinus problems and eczema. Two of my worst allergies were to wool and cigarette smoke. I had become so allergic to wool that I could not wear it, or be around anyone who wore it without choking up, developing a headache, raspy throat and often an asthmatic attack. Since Dr. Devi’s treatment for wool, I am able to wear wool for the first time in many years without producing any unpleasant symptoms. Allergy to cigarette smoke was crippling me socially. The treatment for cigarette smoke has given me more comfort socially since I don’t have to isolate myself from friends. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Devi for discovering this new treatment method to eliminate allergies permanently.

Gene Fowler

Hay fever

I suffered from hay fever ever since my childhood. I was told by other medical professionals that I could reduce the symptoms by drugs, but not eliminate them. Then I studied NAET and found out that I was very allergic to milk. I drank two glasses of milk daily. When I was treated for my milk allergy, my life-long bout of hay fever left me. I am free
again to enjoy my milk without being bothered by my hay fever.

Dr. Tyler Anderson, IA

Cooking pans triggered asthma!

When I came to Dr Devi, I had suffered from asthma for four years. I was tested by allergists, pulmonologists, and holistic doctors. I took western medicine, herbs, homeopathic drops and even went through a thorough and expensive cleansing/detoxifying program. Nothing
helped, my asthma continued. Dr. Devi with her unique testing procedure discovered that one of the cookware in my kitchen was the culprit. I was asked to bring all my regular cookware to the office. Sure enough, I was allergic to one of the saucepans that I had bought four years ago. In fact, I used that pan everyday. After being treated for the pan 11 months ago, I have not had another asthmatic attack.

J. Cook

Asthma, Hay-fever, Coeliac disease

Asthma since 8 yrs old, Hay-fever from Summer pollens, Severe skin and breathing reactions to cats and dogs (hair and saliva). Coeliac disease diagnosed. Severe pain and bloating on eating.

I was treated by NAET practitioner -: Fitz Larsen, Hitchin, UK

During this period I took the treatment because my wife made me – certainly did not think it could possibly work. Found the avoidance periods difficult but got used to them. Became impressed as I gradually improved . I knew that my asthma was worse in damp conditions but never dreamt that this was treatable.

With the following Results :I no longer own an asthma inhaler ! Cats, dogs, pollens do not bother me. I can eat anything without discomfort. Fitz even cured my travel-sickness. Totally amazing. I even cycle uphill to work on damp days now.

I hereby certify that the above testimonial is accurate and agree that it be used for purposes of display and advertising by the named NAET practitioner.

Mr Paul Blair, UK

Sleep without allergies by using Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows have become very popular. A lot of people are becoming more interested in buckwheat pillows because of the movement towards ‘green’ and sustainability. Because buckwheat is an extremely sustainable and all natural plant material, it is one of the best options that you can choose for your pillow. Depending on the quality of material you end up choosing, the pillows themselves can range from cheap to outright pricey. Below, we will talk about some of the things that you should be aware of when looking to get a buckwheat pillow.

What to Look for in Buckwheat Pillows


1. Breathability.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that you are going to get from using buckwheat pillows is breathability. You are going to end up being able to have a pillow that breathes much easier by opting for this kind of material. Unlike some of the other materials that might make you extremely hot at night time, this is a material that is able to breathe.

2. Mixed With Essential Oils and Herbs.

Another benefit of this type of material is the fact that it can be mixed with either essential oils or herbs which can provide an even better level of comfort while you sleep.

3. Orthopedic Support.

Because the material itself is very good at providing high-quality support, it is something that can be used to help with neck and/or back pain if you are experiencing it.

4. Alternative To Other Materials.

If you are someone that is looking for a much more sustainable material or you are simply looking for an alternate option that you can consider, this is a good one that you can choose.

Tips For Buying a Pillow:

1. Reviews.

The main thing that you are going to want to look at whenever you are buying something like a pillow would be customer reviews. While a pillow is largely going to have subjective reviews, it is something that can give you a good idea of what the consensus is about a certain pillow. If enough people are praising it or harping on its flaws, you can generally tell whether or not it is going to be a good purchase.

2. Organic.

Because buckwheat can be low quality, you want to be sure that you are buying organic, dust free, and thoroughly cleaned hulls instead of low-quality hulls that haven’t been cleaned.

3. Price.

Another thing that you are going to want to consider when it comes time to buy a buckwheat pillow would be the price. You want to find a pillow that is priced affordably and one that provides great value in the marketplace compared to the other options available.

Overall, there is much to consider when it comes time to purchasing a buckwheat pillow. It is a great option for anyone that is looking to find a pillow that is going to provide adequate comfort and support and the level of sustainability that you might want. The material itself has a lot of inherent benefits associated with it.

Miscellaneous allergies

Miscellaneous allergies

Reducing side effects from drugs

I have been suffering from a serious blood disorder for many years, which has recently started to transform into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.
I was offered the chance of a mini transplant (or transplant-lite) for Bone Marrow. The preconditioning for this transplant, as in most cancers was a high dose of strong chemotherapy drugs.
The side effects of these drugs can be debilitating, including considerable weight loss, nausea, vomiting, and in the case of one particular drug, rigors and shivering. Although I knew that this treatment could be potentially life saving, the thought of the side effects caused me considerable distress.
Luckily for me, I had had recently come across an article about NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, and on contacting my local practitioner that this also included the possibility of treatment for the side effects of conventional medication.
On my first visit the practitioner took a detailed medical history from me, and ascertained through muscle testing what treatment I would need. In subsequent visits I was treated for certain basic allergies followed by the specific medications, and also certain bacteria and viruses from which I would be particularly at risk following the transplant.
When I eventually received my Bone Marrow Transplant, I had no side effects from any of the medication treated and nor have I suffered infection of any kind. And although I lost my hair it began to regrow very quickly.
I left hospital after two weeks when the average time spent in hospital is 4 to 6 weeks. Staff at the hospital were very surprised as I was only the third person not to have a reaction from Campath, and the only person ever not to react to Melphalan.
I felt compelled to write and let people know that they no longer have to suffer the horrendous side effects of chemotherapy used in cancer treatment, and that whilst all the other patients in the hospital were struggling to cope with the debilitating side effects, my body was allowed to concentrate on recovering from the transplant.

Mrs L Brookes, Leicestershire


My patient is a 17-year old boy who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. His parents were looking for alternatives as they didn’t want him to inject insulin for the rest of his life. They tried different diets in order to regulate the blood sugar level, etc. Then they heard about NAET and contacted me in May 2003. After a lot of testing we started on the basic nutrients. After the first treatment a rash he’d had completely disappeared and never returned. After the treatment for egg-mix his craving for them (12 eggs a week) completely disappeared. After the treatment for sugar he did not need any insulin for that night.
Gradually after 2 months his blood sugar level had come down to 12.3 from

His mum told me that he would eat lots of mayonnaise (800g jar in 5 days) and he wanted to lose weight. After the basics I treated him for mayonnaise, the craving stopped, he felt more energetic and he is now gradually losing weight.

In July he went for his 3-monthly check-up at the hospital. They were very impressed and said whatever he was doing he should continue. His average blood sugar was normal and he was down from 35 units a day to 11 units.
Once we had done various food items I then treated him for his own pancreas. From then on his blood sugar levels were so stable that for 3 weeks he didn’t need any insulin at all. During this time I continued to treat him for various things. The blood sugar level was monitored very, very closely and more often. After a meal the blood sugar level would go up a bit, but after 2 -4 hours it would regulate itself suggesting some reaction going on in the pancreas which “shouldn’t be possible”. His treatments are on-going. He is back on some insulin (max. 13 units a day instead of the 35 he needed before). He is feeling very good and strong and is now attending college.


It wasn’t an ovarian cyst after all!

I was treated by Dr. Devi for a list of allergies a couple of years ago and released from her regular care. Few months later, my left lower abdomen (near ovary) began hurting. I suffered the pain for three weeks. I went in for a check up. My gynecologist did an ultrasound on my left lower abdomen and found a lemon size cyst in my left ovary. She suggested surgery. Then I remembered to check with Dr. Devi. In her office, she tracked down my ovarian cyst to the special coffee I was drinking (5 cups/day) for the past three weeks. She immediately treated me for that coffee. She had to treat me for that particular coffee, coffee and tissue of the ovary, and heat, ovary and coffee. It took four days to complete the treatment. My pain was completely gone by then. By the fifth day I saw my gynecologist and she did another ultrasound of my ovaries at my request. The cyst was not there. After five years, my ovaries still remain healthy.

Mag Murray
Eureka, CA

Is this my candida?

I have been a patient of Dr. Devi for three years. When I first started the allergy treatments, I was in pretty bad condition. My health deteriorated twelve years ago when I came down with chronic fatigue. I had constant sinus infections for years, and the antibiotics I took gave me candida. I suffered from severe systemic candida for years. I had frequent headaches, body pain, bladder infections, and a fever for over a year and a half. And my uterus was detaching and I had large cysts on my ovaries. There are also a lot of health care video production companys with tons of videos that explains how to treat this problem.I was exhausted all the time. I saw many doctors during the past 12 years and every one of them diagnosed my condition as if overgrowth of candida and yeast as my only problem. I went through various detox and took the mercury out of my teeth, tried to eat healthy at home, spent thousands of dollars and suffered the pain and agony everyday in spite of everything. I tried everything that I knew to get well, including a healthy diet, rest, and acupuncture with Chinese herbal teas, at great expense. This helped some, but not permanently. Little did I know I was allergic to everything I was eating and drinking along with the environmental pollutions. Previous allergy testing only showed environmental allergies. I was 38 years old and I thought my life was over.
After I started treatment with Dr. Devi my health has steadily improved. It took about three months of basic treatments, treating the chronic fatigue and candida after which I noticed a change. When I was treated for minerals the cysts on my ovaries disappeared and my uterus re-attached. A sonogram and examination confirmed and showed everything as normal once again.
I have a life again. All my infections are long gone and headaches are rare. I exercise and I know I will live a long life in health and with energy.
Thank God for Dr. Devi and NAET treatment. This is a real and permanent solution for any health problems.

Janet Johnson, Riverside, CA.

Periodontal disease

I know I wrote a letter already about the wonderful effects of NAET, but I have to send you another about the most recent discovery. On April 15, 1996 I went for a regular check-up with my dentist. The hygienist took a sample from my gums and put it under a slide. To my horror I had stuff I did not want to look at. I was advised that I had the beginnings of gum periodontal disease. Yuk!

Here’s the data:
Initial Exam April 15,1996
Selenomonas spp: too many to count
Amoeba 13-24-on a screen
Actinomycetemeomitans 07-12 on a screen

I came in to your office for a treatment on April 17, 1996. My hygienist agreed to do another slide exam to determine if the treatment had been effective. She was amazed!! She said no one improves that quickly when the counts are as high as mine were.

Here’s the data as of April 25,1996:
Selenomonas spp; none
Amoeba 1-6 on a screen
Actinomucetemeomitans 1-6 on a screen
I think the data says it all. The dentist’s office staff was amazed. They are not typically open to alternative methods of treatment. They called me and asked for Dr. Trott’s number. My hygienist even suggested that I get another treatment from Dr. Trott and come back for another test to see if there was even further improvement¡­

Phyltis Stewart, LMSW, ACP
(Patient of Dr.Gary Trott, TX)

Ringing in the ear

I suffered from severe ringing in the ears for many years. It wasn’t severe in the beginning and it happened only when I was resting. Gradually it got worse and it began bothering me all day long. I tried different treatments, nothing worked. Finally I heard about NAET. In her office, Dr. Devi evaluated me and asked me ill used feather pillows. I had used feather pillows and comforters since childhood. I loved my pillows. I carried them with me wherever I went, even on vacation. She said that they were causing my problem. She treated me for feathers and asked me to stay in a hotel until the 35 hours were over since I had so many feather pillows and feather particles flying all over the house. That night I slept very well. The next morning when I woke up, I was free of the ringing in my ears. Alter 35 hours I returned home. I am still free from the ringing in the ears.

Casey N.
Costa Mesa

Infancy diabetes

Our daughter is now 9 years old, her name is Jessica and looking back on it now the years of 2002 and 2003 were very hard. Jessica was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 16 months, hard enough in itself. At the age of four and a half nearly five we also found out Jessica had Coeliac Disease, an intolerance to gluten and she was put onto a lifelong strict glutenfree diet. Things calmed down for a little while until we noticed problems in the Autumn of 2002.

It started really slowly, Jessica kept giving us clothes that were not comfy anymore. It took until april 2003 and regarding the clothes we were getting desperate. She kept saying all the clothes were making her itchy. You could see it in her eyes it was driving her mad. She couldn’t wear PE clothes, swimming costume, underwear, school uniform etc. The poor mite was down to 2 summerdresses. School were really good and let her wear what she could but she was feeling it. She was so unhappy in her own skin, so emotional, aggressive etc.

The doctors tried everything, lotions, pills, bloodtests, they changed Jessica’s insulin but things did not get solved. She was so unhappy.

It was through my own brother in the Netherlands that I heard about NAET and we found Pamela Barettell. If ever there was an angel, her name was Pam. She opened her house to us even at their dinnertime because of Jessica’s diabetes the treatment had to be done a certain time of the day. The treatment for Jessica herself was easy she used to look forward to going for treatment. Jessica had problems with: cheese, cotton, elastane, cathair, heat, underwear, washing softner.

The first 6 treatments were hard because of the 24 hour omittance regarding her diabetes and coeliac disease. The cotton and heat treatment took a few times and also in combination. One thing i did notice every time Jessica had the BBF vial she was extremely happy for the next 24 hours. Jessica altogether must have had about 20 treatments. A lot of driving up and down the A14 but is was the best decision we had ever made regarding her health.

It is now September 2004, Jessica’s last treatment was I believe last February/March . You would not believe the transformation, Jessica now wears a lot of clothes, school uniform, PE clothes, swimming costumes and lots more at home and she is such a happy girl. Her diabetes has also improved (because Pam treated that twice also) in the sense that she is on less insulin. Knowing what we know now we would happily recommend the NAET method to anyone.

I hope this is of any help for you Pam.

50 different allergens in all !!

Eczema from plaster-dust, hay-fever with moulds, fungi, all pollens, dermatitis with woollens and nylons.

Allergic rhinitis with tobacco smoke, perfumes, house dust, dust mites.

Breathing problems with feathers, Stomach cramps with coffee, onions,Black-out with all fish even small traces

Bloating and pain in colon with wheat flour, milk products.Rashes with rubber , swelling with latex,I was a total mess heading for disaster!!

I was treated by NAET practitioner : Fitz Larsen, Hitchin, UK

During this period -: I enjoyed the treatments and soon got-to-grips with the avoidance periods. After the first treatment I had the major advantage of being able to sleep on feather pillows – a boon when working abroad.

With the following Results :Completely transformed my life. A strong, lively healthy vibrant person emerged. So impressed with NAET results that I trained and became a practitioner myself.

I hereby certify that the above testimonial is accurate and agree that it be used for purposes of display and advertising by the named NAET practitioner.

Mrs Ann Blair, UK

B-Complex Treatment

I have suffered badly for approx 7 years with what I was told was Candida (now I am not sure if it was Candida after all) and even though I went on various exclusion diets and took various supplementation I never seemed to get well. When I got to the point that I could only eat about 3 food items without getting a reaction (including wheat and dairy), I decided to look to see if there was anything else out there that could help me. I first read about NAET from the internet and decided to give it a go by making an appointment to see Shirley Moore in Swindon, who was my nearest practitioner. At my first treatment I was tested and came up sensitive to the majority of the first basic 10 items. With the first 3 or 4 treatments I did not notice a major difference but when I was treated for B Complex I could suddenly introduce a lot more foods into my diet including wheat & cheese which of course I could not eat before. Also a wonderful thing I can now enjoy a glass of my favourite red wine which before NAET I used to get an awful reaction too. I still have some way to go but my life is a lot easier now. I am so pleased that I have come across this treatment and would recommend it to anyone. I also have recommended a friend who had all types of symptoms and after only the second treatment being treated for Calcium she feels a whole lot better. Thank you.

Given by J. Harris, Gloucestershire.

Alcohol, Binge Drinking and NAET…

Prior to starting my NAET treatment I had been binge drinking for over 2 years. Since my treatment I have not drunk alcohol at all and more importantly I’ve had no desire to do so. Although I’d managed prior to the treatment not to drink for a few weeks at a time it was always a struggle, now I don’t even think about drinking. It’s fantastic & I didn’t expect such a dramatic change.

What the therapist has to say about this case…

A patient of mine had been struggling with binge drinking especially the week before the onset of her period. She also had terrible problems sleeping. All this was ruining her life. I treated her for the basics first. During this time her sleep problems disappeared. Then I treated her for various hormones and then for the alcohol itself. After that her cravings disappeared completely and she hasn’t had any problems with alcohol since. Any person with an alcohol problem will understand what freedom this means to my patient.

Allergy and the digestive system

Allergy and the digestive system

Allergy to eggs and fabrics

After consuming Egg for breakfast four mornings on the run, I reacted so badly that I had to be taken of an aeroplane and rushed to hospital. (The egg reacted in my colon and caused inflammation and bloating)

Within a few months of very dedicated, regular NAET treatments, I was able to get freedom from most food allergies reactions, and most of all free from my nagging constant body aches and pains. I was free to eat and free to wear different clothes (I had lived in one pair of ragged clothes for five years, unable to wear anything else due to my body’s severe allergic reaction to cotton, polyester, and other materials)

I was free to go places, to travel, to fly in an aeroplane, and visit places I had always wanted to see. I had freedom to live without coughing, and puffing. Without crying in pain! I got a second chance for a normal Life. Thank you God!

It was too good to be true to believe it initially. I thought I was dreaming and expected my pains and other illnesses to return any time. I do occasional get a recurrences of some of my allergic reactions if I forget to check an item before I consume or use it and if I happen to be still allergic to that item or never treated for it before. NAET clears all treated items, If something is not treated, if it is an allergen, you still react to it when exposed. But I do not panic anymore since I can use the testing technique,

Mr J Curron, Epsom

Acid indigestion

I had suffered with acid indigestion for 22 years taking antacid tablets every day, often as many as 6 a day. I felt everything gave me indigestion, spices, butter, cheese, you name it, it gave me indigestion, or heartburn.

One treatment, ONE treatment only, I have not taken an antacid tablet since (nine months)

R Goddard

Allergies and acid imbalance

I had multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities and had tried many other treatments, including allergy immunology shots; I had become very frightened over the last 5 years as my life was completely taken over by this illness.

I reacted to almost everything I could smell or eat. But Naet has turned my life around and at a very affordable price.

Naet was able to show that I was allergic to my own acid and digestive system.

I am now able to eat with out fear and many odours no longer effect me. I am now half way through my treatment and delighted with how I am making progress. Life has become once more a joy.

R Grange

Many food allergies…

I had many food allergies and had to restrict my diet for many years, some of the foods I could not eat were, Nuts, Milk, fish, melon, brewers yeast, dried fruit, grapes, etc but NAET has cleared all these and I can now eat what I like without feeling ill.

Joy Chiltern

Previously could only eat rice & steamed celery…

One thing that has helped me immensely with allergies–I used to have tons of
them!–is NAET. It is pretty much like Space Age medicine for clearing
allergies! None of those “scratch ‘n sniff” tests, I call ’em! Or rotation
diets. Or avoiding. Or wrapping yourself in a bubble and bringing your own
food to every potluck.

NAET is quick, relatively inexpensive (depending on the fee structure of the health care provider you find who is trained in it), non-invasive, and long lasting. In my former life, a few years ago, I had SO many food allergies that I was down to being able to eat only rice and steamed celery. Couldn’t take vitamins because of the binders, etc. I felt I was dying!

But then my chiro got training in NAET and we’ve been working
our way through the clearings and I feel so amazingly better! I can eat
practically anything now! I’m back to taking vitamins! They can also clear
allergies to pollen, cat and dog hair, dust, medicines, hormones, metals,
etc. The doc who developed this technique was an extreme allergy sufferer
herself so she figured this out in her quest to help herself be able to eat
more than steamed rice and carrots.

You can find a practitioner on the website or maybe even notice if a chiro, nutritionist, alternative health focused MD or DO, naturpath, etc., has training in it.

Linda in LA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It has been 30 years since I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. During these years my whole life-style was affected. Going on long trips, hopping on airplanes, going on vacations, sight seeing and staying long hours away from home was out of the question. I never knew from one moment to another when I would have to use the restroom. Everywhere I went, I made sure a restroom was available. I tried Allopathy and Homeopathy, but to no avail. Then I was introduced to Dr. Devi by my sister who proved to be God sent. After the first treatment itself I felt a change in myself. My stomach was much calmer and I no longer had to make sure a restroom was close by. I intend to go through the whole treatment so that all my problems will disappear. Many, many thanks to you, Dr. Devi.

Vijay Cheriyan

My allergy to shellfish

I just wanted to let you know that 7 years ago I became allergic to seafood, including shellfish and fish after having a sea kelp wrap at a Spa in Florida. I grew up in Bar Harbor, Maine and ate seafood all my life! Recently I went to Dr. Alexander, Alexander Chiropractic Center in Lawrenceville, GA and was treated (it took 4 times), but I can now eat shrimp, clams, scallops, etc., and I no longer break out in hives all over my body! The hives I used to get were big welts and lasted sometimes up to 2-3 weeks before they finally cleared up. What a blessing this is. I was also allergic to vitamin C, chocolate and stomach acid. Life has certainly improved! Thank you for discovering this technique.

Sincerely, Martha Fleck
Suwanee, GA

My response to my first NAET treatment : “EGG-mix”

I was treated for egg mix (egg white, egg yolk, chicken, tetracycline, feather mix) on my first visit with Dr. Devi Nambudripad. I followed the diet restrictions and made arrangements to sleep separate from my feather pillows and down comforter. I was distressed to learn that I had been surrounding myself each night with a source of allergic reaction. That night I noticed my need to urinate had increased without a corresponding increase in liquid intake. The next morning I awoke free of congestion, sneezing, and foggy-headedness. “I looked in the mirror and observed that my eyes were very clear and bright. I felt very energized-yet calm. I noticed that I had slept three fewer hours than I had been; my normal non-foggy-headed sleep pattern.
I ate a grilled chicken pizza for dinner after the 25 hours restriction had passed. I noticed a continued increase in my need to urinate and also an increased bowel response. I felt my body detoxifying. That night I returned to my feather and down, wondering if the treatment would hold and how I would awaken. I awoke alert, again after only five hours sleep – symptom free – surrounded by my former antagonists. I retested EGG-mix four days after treatment and the results were negative: allergic response not present.
I am normally very sensitive and in tune with my body and feelings and I have a history of responding quickly to both acupuncture and homeopathic treatments when properly administered. My first exposure to N.A.E.T. is in keeping with expectations of how a successful treatment methodology is supposed to work. I will continue to maintain a record of my response to treatment for evaluation.

Gui Van de Voorde, Ed.D

Allergy to Vitamin A, fish and sheIIfish

I was desperate when I came to see Dr. Devi. I was getting hives on my face and neck almost everyday for few months. I found no relief or hope from traditional allergists. At Dr. Devi’s office, I was told I was allergic to a myriad of foods. It was difficult to say which food caused my problem. I was breaking out with almost everything I ate. Dr. Devi started with the basic treatments. I began noticing some improvements with each treatment. Then I was treated for Vitamin A-mix, which included fish, shellfish, carrots and Vitamin A. This treatment gave me severe reaction. During the 25-hour period, my hives and skin rashes became severe. I even had fever by the evening of the treatment. I had no energy. I visited Dr Devi in the evening to check if I had failed the treatment. To my amazement, I was still holding the treatment. But just about 25 hours after the treatment, l felt a sudden rush of energy inside me. Then I felt a cool wave passing through me. I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My neck & face looked normal! No hives or rashes! My allergy to seafood caused my hives! I haven’t had hives or rashes ever since.

Maria Meraz,
Fullerton, CA

NAET has improved the quality of my life!

In April, I came to Rebecca Stearns to begin NAET: I brought test results showing I was allergic to fifty foods and suspected there were countless others. My diet had been reduced to only a handful of foods. I ate the same things day after day, month after month, and knew I would eventually become allergic to them, too. Allergies had forced me to change jobs from a management consultant traveling 80,000 miles a year to an office position in a cubicle. I could no longer enjoy my greatest passion – preparing elaborate Italian “cucina toscana” dinners for families and friends. I realized allergies had a major impact on my career and activities. But most importantly, my health and psyche were suffering.
In just two months, NAET has improved the quality. Slowly but surely, I can now eat more and more foods with no ill effect. I feast on grilled chicken. I drink my morning orange juice. I enjoy lemonade on a summer day. I measure my health by allergy clearings and create recipes to enjoy “forbidden foods.” Variety is the spice of my life.
Michelangelo wrote: “The idea is there, locked inside. All you have to do is remove the stone.”
With each session, Rebecca Stearns’ NAET touch removes allergies and unlocks the door to a healthier and better life. But more importantly, she brings sweet hope to the allergy-weary and the prospect of a balanced and a brighter future.
I cannot recommend Rebecca Stearns and NAET more highly.

Amy Johnston
NAET Patient of Dr. Rebecca Stearn, Maryland.

My peanut allergy does not bother me anymore

I’ m a 19-year-old college student. I was highly allergic to peanuts all my life. If I ate anything made with a trace of peanut or peanut oil, I broke out in huge hives all over, my body itched violently, often I got severe bronchitis that did not respond to antibiotics. I became very hyper, irritable, angry and moody. I suffered from a kind of restlessness and uneasiness. I also got restless leg syndrome within minutes of ingesting peanuts. I got headaches, felt tired, depressed and unmotivated to study or do my regular chores following any exposure to peanuts. I would sit many days in the bathtub with Epsom salt to detox my body. The Epsom salt bath gave me some relief from the constant itching. Eventually after a couple of months I would gradually feel better. Then I was introduced to NAET. I was treated for all the basics, peanut, peanut oil, peanut butter, smell of the peanuts and peanut mold ( aspergillus). After I was cleared for peanuts and the peanut products ( peanut butter ice cream, cookies, peanut butter¡­)I no longer reacted to them. Every now and then I will eat a peanut butter sandwich, cookies or ice creams with no adverse reactions. Dr Devi has taught and instructed my mother to check me against each of the new batch of peanut products she buys in the house for any allergy. I have learned to check my allergies using the “O” ring test before I eat any peanut product. I was treated four years ago. I haven’t reacted ever since. Thanks to NAET.

D. Moosad
Riverside, California.

To whom it may concern…Peanut allergy!

Our daughter Haarnoor and son Nausher had an allergy to peanut butter and had been to the emergency room several times. Just from the smell of it they had been in the hospital. We are not only thankful to Dr Nambudripad but also indebted to her. Today both our daughter and son had peanuts and had no allergic reaction. If there is any way we can be of help or if anyone wants to call us, we will be more than happy to support and sign documents to prove it.

Jumesh and Geetika Walia
Studio City, CA

Irritable bowel syndrome

Since childhood, I had hard time eating certain foods. Progressively, this became worse as I was growing up. When I was 21, I was able to eat a few grains, non-fat food and some fruits. By age 23, I could not eat anything. I would go to the kitchen hungry and eat only a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal for lunch and dinner and I would be in severe pain. I had tried all possible medicines and treatments. I tried allopathy, herbs, homeopathy and iridology (with nutrient support program). I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and was told there are no treatments for it. I had gone through all possible GI tests. I suffered extreme fatigue. My weight fluctuated between 96 pounds and 110 pounds during the two years ( my height is 5’10”). My body was not absorbing the nutrients from food. I did not know that my problems were due to food allergies. I used to think that they are due to weak intestines, until one day my friend told me to contact Dr Devi and I got hold of the book, Say Goodbye to Illness. I started the treatment a week after reading the book. I could see the difference in my body immediately. I started becoming more energetic and gained a few pounds in a couple of weeks. It might not be too exciting, but it was a big breakthrough for me as I was always losing weight steadily in the last 24 months. Most important of all, my abdominal pains stopped. My blood report showed that my cholesterol and protein went slightly high which meant that my body was absorbing the nutrients. Right now, I am not even half way through the treatment. Still, I can see how my body is responding to the treatments. I feel good when I eat non- allergic food for which I have been treated and keep away from allergic food. As soon as I eat allergic food I get intestinal problems and start loosing weight. Dr Devi has been very patient in answering my questions and in consoling me during bad times. I cannot over emphasize the need for learning self-testing as explained by Dr. Devi’s books. This is because you never know what food you are allergic to.
For example, you may eat a loaf of bread with wheat flour, thinking that you have been treated for wheat before. But, that wheat flour may contain some chemicals or food additives, which you may be allergic to. So after eating that bread you become sick. This happens to me often, as I am still learning the trick of testing. This testing technique would help you to remain out of trouble and would speed up recovery while you are getting treated. A person going through this treatment would definitely have some ups and downs. I think the key to completing this treatment successfully is to be patient about the results, cautious about the food you eat and learn the self-testing technique. My advice to the people with IBS: there is light at the end of the tunnel- there is hope for you through NAET. Hang in there!

Crohn’s disease

I almost lost my life. I was suffering from an extremely debilitating disease known as “Crohn’s disease”. I was in and out of the hospital- and as every other Crohn’s patient discovers- treatment (other than surgical interventions), become large doses of prednisone (steroids) or other immunosuppressant drugs that are very harmful to the entire system. Also once given a high dose, patients find it extremely difficult to stop taking them. NAET saved my life. Prednisone or other immunosuppressants may save life of a patient that is bleeding or starving to death because of the disease. However, the administration of the dangerous immunosuppressants, addressing the symptoms, is the only choice, since the real CAUSE of the disease was never addressed.

Thank you for a NEW LIFE Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s NAET treatments addressed the CAUSE of Crohn’s disease. My ongoing struggle to lower the dosage of prednisone was frustrated at 35mgs. Then, after just a few treatments of NAET, to handle the various food allergies, I was able to drop the dosage from 35mg to 5mg with no adverse affects. There were no symptoms of bleeding or starvation or relapse of the disease.

I will not face any future surgical procedure, losing any part of my intestine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Nambudripad for discovering the cure for such a serious disease as “Crohn’s”.

Cathy Carlson
Buena Park, CA

The good old soy protein!

Whenever I ate any kind of dairy and soybean products my stomach and entire intestinal tract would start to spasm. They called it colic when I was a baby, and I have had it ever since. It usually began five to ten minutes after eating anything with milk, calcium and soy. After treatment from Dr. Devi, there was no more spasm when I ate foods containing those items. My mother Cindy was the same as I and Dr. Devi’s treatment has had the same benefits for her.

Michelle Beasely
La Mirada, CA

True NAET “standard” Protocol


Instructions to the NAET®Patient before beginning NAET® Treatments

I. Introduction

The prospective NAET® patient is required to read Say Good-bye to Illness or Say Good-bye to Your Allergies before coming to the first treatment. NAET® is a method that helps to balance energies in the body. According to Oriental medical theory, when one’s body energies are maintained in a balanced state, one does not suffer from most health disorders that arise from an energy imbalance. According to NAET® theory, allergies cause energy imbalances in the energy meridians, also known as energy pathways. An energy blockage is the primary cause for any allergic reaction towards any substance. When the energy blockage from an allergen is removed via NAET®, that particular allergen has not been shown to produce adverse reactions in the body on future contacts. NAET® is a mild, energy balancing, noninvasive, gentle procedure. It has not been shown to cause any long-term adverse effects on anyone within the last twenty years. While going through NAET® treatments, patients should try to keep their symptoms under control by taking necessary medications, therapies or other modalities. The patient is required to seek care of a primary care physician while getting NAET® treatment. If you suffer from a specific problem, you should also seek care of an appropriate medical specialist to manage health needs related to your condition. NAET® is only an energy-blockage removal treatment. NAET® is not a primary care procedure.

II. Before the First Treatment

1. When you arrive at the office, these guidelines will be provided to you or your guardian or caretaker. You (they) MUST read and comply with these rules before beginning the testing procedures.

2. You should bring in a copy of ALL previous medical records, laboratory and radiological reports. You will be required to complete the following forms in the office: Personal data information sheet, history forms, symptom-survey form, and a consent form.

3. If you have a history of anaphylactic reactions toward any allergen, you must tell the NAET® practitioner before beginning the tests. Doing so, your NAET® practitioner can take adequate precaution to prevent you from becoming anaphylactic during treatments.

4. If you have a history of ANAPHYLAXIS, you should inform your practitioner on the very first visit before beginning the testing and treatments. People with history of anaphylaxis should ALWAYS be treated through a surrogate. They should wash their hands or rub both hands together immediately after each treatment. If you have severe allergies or anaphylactic history on any basic group of allergens, (Egg, milk, wheat, fish, etc.) those allergens should be treated after completing rest of the Basic fifteen groups. People with anaphylaxis are not required to hold the sample during the 20-minute waiting period.

5. NAET® Anaphylactic protocol SHOULD be followed strictly while getting treated. Your NAET® practitioner will instruct you appropriately.

III Before Each Treatment

6. PLEASE do not wear any perfume, perfumed powder, strong smelling deodorant, hair spray, or after-shave and do not eat strong smelling herbs like raw garlic, seafood, etc., when coming to the NAET® clinic for treatments. If you suspect something is responsible for causing an allergic reaction, you may bring the item to the NAET® office in a thin glass container with a lid (as in a baby food jar with lid), wrapped in brown paper or a brown paper bag. Please do not bring items in plastic containers. Plastic containers cannot be used in testing.

7. There is NO smoking allowed in or around the office. PLEASE take a shower before you come for a treatment, and wear clean clothes to avoid smells of herbs, spices, perspiration, etc. Various smells can cause irritation and reactions in other sensitive patients in the clinic waiting room. Please do not eat or drink in the office. Another patient in the office waiting room might react to the smell of your food.

8. Wear minimum or no jewelry when you come in for a treatment. Avoid wearing large crystals or large diamonds. NAET can be done while wearing your own clothes provided you wear simple, loose clothes without ANY art work or embroidery with crystals, beads, stones, metals, glass or plastic pieces. It is fine to wear simple wrist watches while testing or treatments. Avoid watches with sharp needles, cell phones, calculators, tape recorders, photo camera, etc.

9. PLEASE do not wear any guns or knives to the office even when they are part of your job requirements. Please do NOT bring sharp metal objects, large keys, sharp toys, heavy toys, or toy guns to the office.

10. Please turn off your cell phones inside the waiting room and in the treatment room. Other sensitive patients might react to your cell phone. Cell phones should be off and kept away from your body during NAET® testing and desensitization treatment.

11. ALWAYS eat before you come for the treatment. You should not take NAET® treatments and acupuncture when you are hungry. If you have a long wait in your practitioner’s office, please bring a snack with you, leave it in the car or outside the office. Five to ten minutes before your treatment, please go outside the clinic and eat your food, wash your hands with soap and water, and rinse your mouth before you return to the clinic for the treatment.

12. Please WASH your hands with soap and water before beginning the Neuromuscular sensitivity testing procedure (NST/MRT). Hand-washing will remove any residue left on your hands from other substances.

13. Do NOT treat with NAET® if you are extremely tired, worked a night shift, or worked too many hours without a break.

IV During Each Treatment

14. You should NOT have any companion with you standing or sitting within your magnetic field during treatment. You should not bring any children or pets to the treatment room while you are being treated. You should be alone with your NAET® practitioner while you get tested or treated with NAET®.

15. Since NAET® is a mind-body balancing procedure, the NAET® practitioner needs to receive permission from your conscious and subconscious minds before performing any energy balancing procedures. Signing the consent is the permission from the conscious mind. But permission from the subconscious is necessary for a successful NAET treatment. For a trained practitioner it takes only a few seconds to seek permission from the subconscious. In rare occasions, it has been shown that certain person’s subconscious mind does not grant permission to perform NAET® testing or treatment. In such cases, the NAET® practitioner may NOT proceed with NAET® testing. Instead the NAET® practitioner will make appropriate referrals for further evaluations related to their health conditions.

16. The NAET® practitioner must get permission from YOUR subconscious mind before each NAET® desensitization treatment as well. On a particular visit, if your brain did not give favorable signals for a new treatment, you will be rescheduled for another date. This is for your best benefit. It has been shown that even anaphylactic cases also can be treated successfully for the anaphylaxis-producing allergen when the NAET® practitioner gets permission from the patient’s brain before doing the treatment. You may rest for a few days until your brain and body are ready to get more treatments or you may be able to receive other immune system supporting treatments like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, Yoga, etc. while waiting.

17. While performing NST/MRT, the patient SHOULD wash or rub his/her hands together for 30 seconds between touching different samples. The energy of the previously tested sample has shown to produce false results if the energy of the previous item has not been removed from the hands before touching a new one.

18. While receiving NST testing or NAET® desensitization procedures PLEASE make a loose fist with your free hand (one without the allergen) in order to prevent contact between the table or your clothes with your fingers while testing.

19. Do not eat or chew gum or candy DURING NST/MRT testing or NAET® treatment.

20. The NAET® practitioner will not have ANYONE observing the treatment or taking notes, from a close proximity. The distance varies with each patient for each allergen. Your practitioner will know how to determine the distance.

21. If you are unable to test yourself (if you are a child, old person, too strong, too weak, disabled, advanced stage of pregnancy, etc.), then you SHOULD be tested through a surrogate so that the practitioner can get accurate information about your sensitivities. You should maintain skin-to-skin contact with the surrogate during testing and the surrogate should rub his/her hands together or wash hands between testing different allergens.

22. You could also be treated through a surrogate’s body and get the exact benefit as if you were getting treated directly. Patients in advanced stage of pregnancy, morbidly obese, with psoriasis or other debilitating skin problem, back surgery, scoliosis, or a history of anaphylaxis, etc., SHOULD receive NAET® treatments through a surrogate.

V The Basic 15 treatments

23. The NAET Basic 15 treatments are in fact the basic essential nutrients for everyone. If you are allergic to them your body may not receive adequate nutrients. That will cause to lower the immune system and may cause to have various health disorders due to nutritional deficiencies brought on by allergies. When your immune system is maintained at a normal level, not only you feel better overall, your allergic sensitivity will be reduced with the result, you need fewer NAET treatments to get maximum results.

VI. Reasons Why Treatments May Need to be Given Out of Order

24. If you have allergies to white rice, or pasta, they can be treated before the Basic treatments.

25. Hard-to-avoid items like prescription drugs should be treated first in the doctor’s office, then treated at home through self-treatment every two hours. In case of a drug that cannot be avoided, you should treat by gate-massage before and after you take the drug as well as massaging the gates every two hours for the 25 hours after the initial treatment.

26. When a patient has an ACUTE problem, practitioners will treat the acute problem before resuming the normal order of treatments if the patient’s brain gives permission to do so. For instance, when a patient is reacting to a particular food that was eaten recently, a medication that is essential for the patient’s survival (like pain medication, cortisone, antihistamine, antidepressants, heart medication, etc.), fire-smoke, accidentally exposed exposure to fumes, drinking water, city water, acute emotional imbalances like a the death of a loved one, etc., can be treated as an acute allergen before completing the basic fifteen treatments as long as the body permits. If someone has severe reaction to pollens, weeds, cigarette smoke, regular drugs like chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, standard emotional blockage removal treatments, person-to-person allergies, etc., can be treated after completing six basic treatments (after completing sugar mix). When the treatment for acute allergen is completed satisfactorily, you should go back to the basics and continue as before.

VII After Treatments

27. You must wash your hands with plain water after treatment BEFORE you leave the office. After the treatment if you cannot wash or rinse your hands, vigorously rubbing your hands by interlacing your fingers for 30 seconds will be sufficient.

28. After the NAET® desensitization, PLEASE do not exercise vigorously for 6 hours. A mild walk is fine.

29. AVOID exposure to extreme hot or cold temperature after the desensitization treatment.

30. Do NOT bathe or shower for 6 hours following the NAET® treatment.

31. Do not read or touch other objects with your FINGERS during the 20 minutes waiting period after NAET® treatment.

32. Do NOT cross your hands or feet during the first 20 minutes following the NAET® treatment. Lying or resting with a calm mind will be beneficial. You could visualize positive, warm energy circulation through the 12 meridians while resting. Meditation is allowed. After an emotional NAET®, you are advised to think positively during the 20 minute waiting period about the issue which was treated.

33. Your practitioner WILL ask you to avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours or more as indicated by his/her testing after the completion of the treatment in the office. After the treatment you should avoid eating, touching, breathing and coming within 5 feet of the substance that was treated following 25 hours after treatment. It is also suggested that after completing your treatment satisfactorily for an allergen, eat a small amount of the item daily for three to four days. If the treatment is not completely finished, you will bring out some minor symptoms and your practitioner can investigate the reasons behind those symptoms and eliminate them. Another benefit of introducing the treated allergen into your body is to reconfirm the brain and nervous system about the harmlessness of the item so that your nervous system will not forget about this allergen in the future even if you never ate them later for years.

34. It is highly recommended that after three NAET® basic treatments, you TRY to consume food and drinks from the desensitized groups only. Add new items to your list as you complete each treatment. This will reduce your overall discomfort while going through the rest of the treatments and your NAET® treatments will be more effective and you will be able to see results with NAET® faster. Depending on your immune system the treatments can be scheduled. A patient with severe allergies and poor immune system can only tolerate one treatment per week. But patients with better immune system have shown to tolerate three or more treatments per week. Your practitioner can test your body for the appropriate treatment plan.

35. If you are a highly SENSITIVE person, or if you experience any discomfort during the 25 hour-avoidance period after the treatment (crying spells, depression, unusual emotions or unusual pains anywhere in the body, etc.), you may need to balance your gates every two hours on your own at home while you are AWAKE. When you sleep, you do not need to set an alarm to wake you every two hours. Instead whenever you wake up, you can continue treating again.

36. The practitioner can determine the APPROXIMATE number of hours of avoidance by using question response testing for patients who have difficulty avoiding food for 25 hours. Infants and children can be treated in the evening or before going to sleep for hard-to-avoid items. Please ask your practitioner if you have questions.

37. If someone has a hard time avoiding the allergen for a specific amount of time for any particular reason, he/she should BALANCE his/her gate points every two hours as well as before and after exposure to the allergen. In case the patient has developmental disabilities, caretakers should be instructed to massage the gate points (Read Page 58 in the book, Living Pain Free by Devi S. Nambudripad) every two hours during the 25 hours and also before and after touching the treated allergen. Your practitioner will teach you the self-balancing technique if you do not understand by reading the book, Living Pain Free. It is advisable for you to aquire the book Living Pain Free, the self-help book with Illustrations since it can help you to control or reduce various allergic reactions and discomforts arising from untreated allergies by massaging the appropriate acupressure self-treatment points whenever the need arises.

38. No adverse reactions have been noted when a person eats food INCLUDING the food he/she was treated, for 20 minutes following the retest of the initial treatment for the allergen. The 25 hour-restriction begins 30 minutes after the completion of the treatment. Do not eat HEAVY meals before or after the NAET® or acupuncture treatments. DRINK a glass of water before the NAET® treatment. Energy moves better in a well hydrated body. Drink 4-6 glasses of water through the day after NAET® treatments to help flush out the toxins produced during the treatment.

39. You are advised to MAINTAIN your own treatment and food diary in The Guide Book after each treatment. Write down all the good and bad symptoms you experience during 25-hours following treatment and bring it to your practitioner on your next visit. If you have frequent health problems and you do not know the cause of your problems, write down your daily activities for a month in a separate notebook. Record all the food and drinks you consumed even if they were in small portions and record also anything new you have purchased in the house or work area since the problem started. Bring your record to the office and let your NAET® practitioner test you for the items in your list to find the culprit.

40. You may need to take EXTRA precaution while you get treated for environmental substances: (mineral mix, metals, water, leather, formaldehyde, fabric, wood, mold, mercury, newspaper, chemicals, flowers, etc.). Apart from staying away from these items, you may also need to wear a mask, gloves, socks, shoes, gowns, scarves, earplugs, etc. You can also massage the gate points every two hours while awake during the 25-hour period if it is not completely avoidable.

41. During the 25-hours or afterwards, if you get a life-threatening reaction from an allergen (either from the one you were treated in the office or another one), you MUST seek emergency help immediately from a primary care physician or emergency room, or by calling 911.

42. Once every month or so, or after completing treatments for TEN to FIFTEEN allergens, your practitioner will repeat NST on all treated allergens. If an allergen wasn’t passing over 50 percent at the time, they will be boosted up again. No avoidance is necessary at this time.

43. AFTER fifteen Basic treatments with the practitioner, patient should begin to gather a small sample of every day food and drinks and holding the sample, balance the gate points every night before bedtime.

44. DRINK one 6 ounce-glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink 1 glass of water before bedtime.

45. Remember to CHECK with your practitioner for the item you treated, after 25 hours, and at least within one week to make sure you have completed the treatment.

VII Additional Information about NAET®

46. NAET® is a HOLISTIC procedure. It balances the entire body including: physical, physiological and emotional functions. Everyone needs balance in all these levels of the body to be healthy. If one area is not balanced properly, other areas cannot function normally. NAET® emotional balancing procedure has been shown to produce marvelous results in people who suffer from environmental illness, chemical reactions, chronic pain disorders, other chronic illnesses, autism and ADHD, etc. This emotional balancing treatment will be provided to the patient without additional cost. After completion of Sugar treatment (after completing six basic treatments), NAET® emotional balancing treatments can be administered upon request.

47. NAET® emotional balancing procedures do NOT replace the need for traditional psychological or psychiatric help. If you are getting treatments in these areas prior to NAET®, please continue with your therapies and medications as needed. If you for any reason do not like to be balanced emotionally by your NAET® practitioner (due to religious reasons, etc.), you should inform the NAET® practitioner on the initial visit, then emotional balancing procedure will be excluded from your treatment plan.

48. If you did not complete the treatment, or if you could not complete the specific NAET® treatment for some reason, do not panic. NAET® is a mild, energy balancing, noninvasive, gentle procedure. It has not been shown to cause any long-term adverse effects on anyone within the last twenty years. Your temporary symptoms may be due to the incomplete treatment and may continue for up to two or three weeks maximum. Drink about 4-6 glasses of boiled cooled water daily to help with your energy circulation.

49. Eventually the particular symptoms will wear off and you may return to your pre-NAET® status if you did not repeat the treatment for the unfinished allergen. For example, if you suffered from insomnia prior to NAET® treatment, you may continue to have insomnia; if you suffered from pain disorders, you may continue to suffer from pain disorders, etc. An allergen which was treated halfway has not shown to render any benefit to the patient at all. Human body forgets and adapts new ways fast. The incomplete treatment is forgotten in about three days to a week in most cases, but in some cases it has shown to take as long as three weeks, then the body learns to focus on current events. Thus, in a few days, an incompletely treated allergen has been viewed by the body as an allergen that was never been treated before.

50. But if you had to stop the NAET treatment for the particular allergen because you had no means to get to the office, then you can balance the energy for the particular item at home on your own by holding the item while massaging the gate points once every four hours while awake for two to three weeks or as short or as long as the body needs to view that as a friendly item. This method will only work after one has been treated initially with a trained practitioner, and the treatment was not completed for some reason. If it is an uncomplicated, individual item, like a piece of sourdough bread, a piece of meat, a hot dog, a laxative or a pain pill like Tylenol or another drug, a particular piece of fabric (a shirt, scarf), etc., then the patient or the caretaker can complete the treatment in this manner at home. Caution: this should be done only on a single allergen, never try on a group of allergens.

51. After completing treatment for an allergen, if NST tested strong on retest but the patient is still suffering from prior symptoms, the patient should be allowed to rest a few days to a couple of weeks without any new NAET® treatment. This is in fact to rule out or to determine if the desensitization towards the particular allergen was successful or not; and to determine if the presenting symptom is arising from another source or not. If the particular allergen treatment is incomplete, if you wait a few days the NST will produce a weak response either on its own or with some combinations. Then the treatment on the allergen itself or with a combination can be repeated at that time. While waiting to detect the outcome of the previous treatment, it is OK to boost up the immune system with acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, massages, herbs or other therapies. Or the patient can continue to self balance for the item at home as described above.

52. Sometimes, the patient continues to have the same symptom but NST does not show any weakness on the previously treated allergen. In such cases it has shown that the patient passed the treated allergen but another allergen capable of producing similar symptoms have been identified as the culprit. Usually people with history of allergies react to more than one or a few allergens. When one allergen gets desensitized and eliminated from the body, others will get noticed easier, hence the symptom of the previous allergen continues until all the allergens are desensitized with NAET®.

53. When one has a weakness in any particular area of the body, every allergen affects that area of the body giving rise to symptom similar to the first one. This pattern is especially noticed in patients with asthma, sinus problems, autistic disorders, attention-deficit hyperactive disorders, chronic pain syndrome, as in degenerative arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, headaches, migraines, backaches, myofascial pain, peripheral neuropathy, PMS, insomnia, manic or depressive disorders, etc. Because of this mechanism, until you complete NAET for Basic fifteen, you may not see much changes in your health in these cases.

54. When you are allergic to a substance, your body produces lots of endogenous toxins. After you are treated to an allergen, it takes 24 hours for the body to detoxify the allergen from all 12 major meridians (each meridian takes 2 hours) naturally to get the toxins out of the body. SOME patients may not have 25 hour avoidance or restrictions. Some people may pass the allergen right after the treatment; some may take just a few hours; some may take 25 hours, yet some others may take 40 hours. Even though NST demonstrated that you would clear the allergen in 10 minutes or so, it is to your advantage to avoid the item for the whole 25 hours (24 hours and one more hour) allowing the body to detox naturally. After a few NAET® treatments, you have the option to go on a good detoxification program using different products (herbs, minerals, etc.) to clean up your system. But if you faithfully follow the 25-hour avoidance, you may not need any special detoxification since the body is able to naturally eliminate the toxins in time if given a chance.

55. You are advised to continue ALL medications and other treatment modalities as they have prescribed unless otherwise directed by the doctors who prescribed them. PLEASE do not stop any other treatment you are on: medication, therapy, chiropractic treatments, massages, etc.

56. NAET® treatments have NOT been shown to interfere with any other treatment. In fact, if you can keep your body free of toxin accumulation and keep your symptoms under control by using medication or therapies, NAET® has shown to work better.

57. For FEMALE patients: Treatments are not advisable during the first three days of menstrual cycle.

58. NAET® treatments during pregnancy have not shown to cause any adverse effects to the mother or child so far. In fact tremendous benefits have been noted in both cases. When the mothers receives adequate NAET® treatments during pregnancy (at least 15 basics and all known allergens of the mother treated), their children are born with very few allergies when compared with their siblings who never had exposure to NAET® before birth.

59. When you go through the NAET® treatment program, you will be advised to get supplemented with appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for a while if it is indicated. When the nutrients are supplemented appropriately pain and discomfort arising from various disorders like chronic fatigue, general body aches, arthritis, and other pain disorders due to deficiencies, etc., will be reduced.

60. If you do not show any improvement in your health status after successfully passing basic ten to fifteen allergen groups at all three levels, probably NAET® is not for you. Please ask your practitioner to refer you to another source of healthcare facility. 


NAET in figures


The NAET technique was developed in 1983, and Dr Devi Nambudripad started teaching it to other health professionals in 1989. There are now about 8500 NAET practitioners, most of them resident in North America. At the same time, since June 2000, more than 1200 have already been trained in Europe*.

Current distribution by medical specialisation is roughly as follows: 15% medical doctors, 40% acupuncturists, 30% chiropractors and 15% others (homeopaths, dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.).

The majority of these health professionals have now made NAET the core part of their practice and their patients are constantly increasing in number thanks to simple “word of mouth” effect.

Dr Nambudripad has documented thousands of clinical case histories in order to enable the method to be scientifically evaluated, with the help of a number of academic researchers. She has published several books including her principal work, Say Goodbye to Illness (3rd edition).

Last but nor least, NAET has just obtained specific insurance billing codes from several insurance companies in the United States.

Training in Europe

Several training seminars are held in Europe every year, either with Dr Nambudripad or with instructors trained by her in America. These seminars are held in English with the assistance of professional interpreters where necessary. NAET certification can be obtained once the whole training program has been completed. This involves a basic training seminar (sufficient to begin practising) and an advanced seminar, each of which lasts 3 days.

This training program is open to all health professionals with a diploma qualifying them to practice one of the above-mentioned specialisations. There is also an organisation based in France whose mission is to propagate the NAET method in Europe and provide the necessary framework for creating and promoting a European network of NAET-trained practitioners who operate in accordance with the original methodology.

* NAET has been described in the book (1000p): “Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide“, at the end of a 7 pages specific review of the technique, as follows:

“…a growing number of physicians are heralding NAET’s merits and incorporating it into their practice, making it one of the fastest-growing new therapies in the field of alternative medicine“.