Allergy and the digestive system

Allergy and the digestive system

Allergy to eggs and fabrics

After consuming Egg for breakfast four mornings on the run, I reacted so badly that I had to be taken of an aeroplane and rushed to hospital. (The egg reacted in my colon and caused inflammation and bloating)

Within a few months of very dedicated, regular NAET treatments, I was able to get freedom from most food allergies reactions, and most of all free from my nagging constant body aches and pains. I was free to eat and free to wear different clothes (I had lived in one pair of ragged clothes for five years, unable to wear anything else due to my body’s severe allergic reaction to cotton, polyester, and other materials)

I was free to go places, to travel, to fly in an aeroplane, and visit places I had always wanted to see. I had freedom to live without coughing, and puffing. Without crying in pain! I got a second chance for a normal Life. Thank you God!

It was too good to be true to believe it initially. I thought I was dreaming and expected my pains and other illnesses to return any time. I do occasional get a recurrences of some of my allergic reactions if I forget to check an item before I consume or use it and if I happen to be still allergic to that item or never treated for it before. NAET clears all treated items, If something is not treated, if it is an allergen, you still react to it when exposed. But I do not panic anymore since I can use the testing technique,

Mr J Curron, Epsom

Acid indigestion

I had suffered with acid indigestion for 22 years taking antacid tablets every day, often as many as 6 a day. I felt everything gave me indigestion, spices, butter, cheese, you name it, it gave me indigestion, or heartburn.

One treatment, ONE treatment only, I have not taken an antacid tablet since (nine months)

R Goddard

Allergies and acid imbalance

I had multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities and had tried many other treatments, including allergy immunology shots; I had become very frightened over the last 5 years as my life was completely taken over by this illness.

I reacted to almost everything I could smell or eat. But Naet has turned my life around and at a very affordable price.

Naet was able to show that I was allergic to my own acid and digestive system.

I am now able to eat with out fear and many odours no longer effect me. I am now half way through my treatment and delighted with how I am making progress. Life has become once more a joy.

R Grange

Many food allergies…

I had many food allergies and had to restrict my diet for many years, some of the foods I could not eat were, Nuts, Milk, fish, melon, brewers yeast, dried fruit, grapes, etc but NAET has cleared all these and I can now eat what I like without feeling ill.

Joy Chiltern

Previously could only eat rice & steamed celery…

One thing that has helped me immensely with allergies–I used to have tons of
them!–is NAET. It is pretty much like Space Age medicine for clearing
allergies! None of those “scratch ‘n sniff” tests, I call ’em! Or rotation
diets. Or avoiding. Or wrapping yourself in a bubble and bringing your own
food to every potluck.

NAET is quick, relatively inexpensive (depending on the fee structure of the health care provider you find who is trained in it), non-invasive, and long lasting. In my former life, a few years ago, I had SO many food allergies that I was down to being able to eat only rice and steamed celery. Couldn’t take vitamins because of the binders, etc. I felt I was dying!

But then my chiro got training in NAET and we’ve been working
our way through the clearings and I feel so amazingly better! I can eat
practically anything now! I’m back to taking vitamins! They can also clear
allergies to pollen, cat and dog hair, dust, medicines, hormones, metals,
etc. The doc who developed this technique was an extreme allergy sufferer
herself so she figured this out in her quest to help herself be able to eat
more than steamed rice and carrots.

You can find a practitioner on the website or maybe even notice if a chiro, nutritionist, alternative health focused MD or DO, naturpath, etc., has training in it.

Linda in LA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It has been 30 years since I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. During these years my whole life-style was affected. Going on long trips, hopping on airplanes, going on vacations, sight seeing and staying long hours away from home was out of the question. I never knew from one moment to another when I would have to use the restroom. Everywhere I went, I made sure a restroom was available. I tried Allopathy and Homeopathy, but to no avail. Then I was introduced to Dr. Devi by my sister who proved to be God sent. After the first treatment itself I felt a change in myself. My stomach was much calmer and I no longer had to make sure a restroom was close by. I intend to go through the whole treatment so that all my problems will disappear. Many, many thanks to you, Dr. Devi.

Vijay Cheriyan

My allergy to shellfish

I just wanted to let you know that 7 years ago I became allergic to seafood, including shellfish and fish after having a sea kelp wrap at a Spa in Florida. I grew up in Bar Harbor, Maine and ate seafood all my life! Recently I went to Dr. Alexander, Alexander Chiropractic Center in Lawrenceville, GA and was treated (it took 4 times), but I can now eat shrimp, clams, scallops, etc., and I no longer break out in hives all over my body! The hives I used to get were big welts and lasted sometimes up to 2-3 weeks before they finally cleared up. What a blessing this is. I was also allergic to vitamin C, chocolate and stomach acid. Life has certainly improved! Thank you for discovering this technique.

Sincerely, Martha Fleck
Suwanee, GA

My response to my first NAET treatment : “EGG-mix”

I was treated for egg mix (egg white, egg yolk, chicken, tetracycline, feather mix) on my first visit with Dr. Devi Nambudripad. I followed the diet restrictions and made arrangements to sleep separate from my feather pillows and down comforter. I was distressed to learn that I had been surrounding myself each night with a source of allergic reaction. That night I noticed my need to urinate had increased without a corresponding increase in liquid intake. The next morning I awoke free of congestion, sneezing, and foggy-headedness. “I looked in the mirror and observed that my eyes were very clear and bright. I felt very energized-yet calm. I noticed that I had slept three fewer hours than I had been; my normal non-foggy-headed sleep pattern.
I ate a grilled chicken pizza for dinner after the 25 hours restriction had passed. I noticed a continued increase in my need to urinate and also an increased bowel response. I felt my body detoxifying. That night I returned to my feather and down, wondering if the treatment would hold and how I would awaken. I awoke alert, again after only five hours sleep – symptom free – surrounded by my former antagonists. I retested EGG-mix four days after treatment and the results were negative: allergic response not present.
I am normally very sensitive and in tune with my body and feelings and I have a history of responding quickly to both acupuncture and homeopathic treatments when properly administered. My first exposure to N.A.E.T. is in keeping with expectations of how a successful treatment methodology is supposed to work. I will continue to maintain a record of my response to treatment for evaluation.

Gui Van de Voorde, Ed.D

Allergy to Vitamin A, fish and sheIIfish

I was desperate when I came to see Dr. Devi. I was getting hives on my face and neck almost everyday for few months. I found no relief or hope from traditional allergists. At Dr. Devi’s office, I was told I was allergic to a myriad of foods. It was difficult to say which food caused my problem. I was breaking out with almost everything I ate. Dr. Devi started with the basic treatments. I began noticing some improvements with each treatment. Then I was treated for Vitamin A-mix, which included fish, shellfish, carrots and Vitamin A. This treatment gave me severe reaction. During the 25-hour period, my hives and skin rashes became severe. I even had fever by the evening of the treatment. I had no energy. I visited Dr Devi in the evening to check if I had failed the treatment. To my amazement, I was still holding the treatment. But just about 25 hours after the treatment, l felt a sudden rush of energy inside me. Then I felt a cool wave passing through me. I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My neck & face looked normal! No hives or rashes! My allergy to seafood caused my hives! I haven’t had hives or rashes ever since.

Maria Meraz,
Fullerton, CA

NAET has improved the quality of my life!

In April, I came to Rebecca Stearns to begin NAET: I brought test results showing I was allergic to fifty foods and suspected there were countless others. My diet had been reduced to only a handful of foods. I ate the same things day after day, month after month, and knew I would eventually become allergic to them, too. Allergies had forced me to change jobs from a management consultant traveling 80,000 miles a year to an office position in a cubicle. I could no longer enjoy my greatest passion – preparing elaborate Italian “cucina toscana” dinners for families and friends. I realized allergies had a major impact on my career and activities. But most importantly, my health and psyche were suffering.
In just two months, NAET has improved the quality. Slowly but surely, I can now eat more and more foods with no ill effect. I feast on grilled chicken. I drink my morning orange juice. I enjoy lemonade on a summer day. I measure my health by allergy clearings and create recipes to enjoy “forbidden foods.” Variety is the spice of my life.
Michelangelo wrote: “The idea is there, locked inside. All you have to do is remove the stone.”
With each session, Rebecca Stearns’ NAET touch removes allergies and unlocks the door to a healthier and better life. But more importantly, she brings sweet hope to the allergy-weary and the prospect of a balanced and a brighter future.
I cannot recommend Rebecca Stearns and NAET more highly.

Amy Johnston
NAET Patient of Dr. Rebecca Stearn, Maryland.

My peanut allergy does not bother me anymore

I’ m a 19-year-old college student. I was highly allergic to peanuts all my life. If I ate anything made with a trace of peanut or peanut oil, I broke out in huge hives all over, my body itched violently, often I got severe bronchitis that did not respond to antibiotics. I became very hyper, irritable, angry and moody. I suffered from a kind of restlessness and uneasiness. I also got restless leg syndrome within minutes of ingesting peanuts. I got headaches, felt tired, depressed and unmotivated to study or do my regular chores following any exposure to peanuts. I would sit many days in the bathtub with Epsom salt to detox my body. The Epsom salt bath gave me some relief from the constant itching. Eventually after a couple of months I would gradually feel better. Then I was introduced to NAET. I was treated for all the basics, peanut, peanut oil, peanut butter, smell of the peanuts and peanut mold ( aspergillus). After I was cleared for peanuts and the peanut products ( peanut butter ice cream, cookies, peanut butter¡­)I no longer reacted to them. Every now and then I will eat a peanut butter sandwich, cookies or ice creams with no adverse reactions. Dr Devi has taught and instructed my mother to check me against each of the new batch of peanut products she buys in the house for any allergy. I have learned to check my allergies using the “O” ring test before I eat any peanut product. I was treated four years ago. I haven’t reacted ever since. Thanks to NAET.

D. Moosad
Riverside, California.

To whom it may concern…Peanut allergy!

Our daughter Haarnoor and son Nausher had an allergy to peanut butter and had been to the emergency room several times. Just from the smell of it they had been in the hospital. We are not only thankful to Dr Nambudripad but also indebted to her. Today both our daughter and son had peanuts and had no allergic reaction. If there is any way we can be of help or if anyone wants to call us, we will be more than happy to support and sign documents to prove it.

Jumesh and Geetika Walia
Studio City, CA

Irritable bowel syndrome

Since childhood, I had hard time eating certain foods. Progressively, this became worse as I was growing up. When I was 21, I was able to eat a few grains, non-fat food and some fruits. By age 23, I could not eat anything. I would go to the kitchen hungry and eat only a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal for lunch and dinner and I would be in severe pain. I had tried all possible medicines and treatments. I tried allopathy, herbs, homeopathy and iridology (with nutrient support program). I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and was told there are no treatments for it. I had gone through all possible GI tests. I suffered extreme fatigue. My weight fluctuated between 96 pounds and 110 pounds during the two years ( my height is 5’10”). My body was not absorbing the nutrients from food. I did not know that my problems were due to food allergies. I used to think that they are due to weak intestines, until one day my friend told me to contact Dr Devi and I got hold of the book, Say Goodbye to Illness. I started the treatment a week after reading the book. I could see the difference in my body immediately. I started becoming more energetic and gained a few pounds in a couple of weeks. It might not be too exciting, but it was a big breakthrough for me as I was always losing weight steadily in the last 24 months. Most important of all, my abdominal pains stopped. My blood report showed that my cholesterol and protein went slightly high which meant that my body was absorbing the nutrients. Right now, I am not even half way through the treatment. Still, I can see how my body is responding to the treatments. I feel good when I eat non- allergic food for which I have been treated and keep away from allergic food. As soon as I eat allergic food I get intestinal problems and start loosing weight. Dr Devi has been very patient in answering my questions and in consoling me during bad times. I cannot over emphasize the need for learning self-testing as explained by Dr. Devi’s books. This is because you never know what food you are allergic to.
For example, you may eat a loaf of bread with wheat flour, thinking that you have been treated for wheat before. But, that wheat flour may contain some chemicals or food additives, which you may be allergic to. So after eating that bread you become sick. This happens to me often, as I am still learning the trick of testing. This testing technique would help you to remain out of trouble and would speed up recovery while you are getting treated. A person going through this treatment would definitely have some ups and downs. I think the key to completing this treatment successfully is to be patient about the results, cautious about the food you eat and learn the self-testing technique. My advice to the people with IBS: there is light at the end of the tunnel- there is hope for you through NAET. Hang in there!

Crohn’s disease

I almost lost my life. I was suffering from an extremely debilitating disease known as “Crohn’s disease”. I was in and out of the hospital- and as every other Crohn’s patient discovers- treatment (other than surgical interventions), become large doses of prednisone (steroids) or other immunosuppressant drugs that are very harmful to the entire system. Also once given a high dose, patients find it extremely difficult to stop taking them. NAET saved my life. Prednisone or other immunosuppressants may save life of a patient that is bleeding or starving to death because of the disease. However, the administration of the dangerous immunosuppressants, addressing the symptoms, is the only choice, since the real CAUSE of the disease was never addressed.

Thank you for a NEW LIFE Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s NAET treatments addressed the CAUSE of Crohn’s disease. My ongoing struggle to lower the dosage of prednisone was frustrated at 35mgs. Then, after just a few treatments of NAET, to handle the various food allergies, I was able to drop the dosage from 35mg to 5mg with no adverse affects. There were no symptoms of bleeding or starvation or relapse of the disease.

I will not face any future surgical procedure, losing any part of my intestine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Nambudripad for discovering the cure for such a serious disease as “Crohn’s”.

Cathy Carlson
Buena Park, CA

The good old soy protein!

Whenever I ate any kind of dairy and soybean products my stomach and entire intestinal tract would start to spasm. They called it colic when I was a baby, and I have had it ever since. It usually began five to ten minutes after eating anything with milk, calcium and soy. After treatment from Dr. Devi, there was no more spasm when I ate foods containing those items. My mother Cindy was the same as I and Dr. Devi’s treatment has had the same benefits for her.

Michelle Beasely
La Mirada, CA