How to Deal with Allergy Symptoms Caused by Cleaning Products

How to Deal with Allergy Symptoms Caused by Cleaning Products

This is a trap for allergy sufferers: If you use the wrong products to reduce allergens such as pet dander and dust mites or mold, it can make your allergies worse.

Don’t be alarmed, you have options to reduce your allergy to cleaning products and maintain a clean home.

What Cleaning Products Cause Allergy Symptoms?

While you need to be cautious with cleaning products, it is important that you avoid any that have strong noxious smells like ammonia or those that emit particulates.

You should eliminate aerosol spray cleaners from your shopping cart. They can trigger allergic symptoms. One study found that regular use of aerosol spray cleaners is linked to increased asthma and asthma medication use. A higher risk was found for those who used these cleaners more often.

Which alternative solutions should you use?

Products with minimal odors should be used on smooth surfaces. Use dust cloths or mops to pick up the dust and not stir it in the air.

People with allergy to vacuuming are another problem area. For allergen removal, you can use a vacuum with HEPA filters or cyclonic vacuums. A dust mask rated N95 by National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health can be used to help prevent allergy symptoms.

Don’t forget about using the washer to your advantage. To keep allergens from building up, all bedding should be washed in hot water regularly.

While it is good to use a hypoallergenic detergent, you should be aware that some may cause allergic reactions. You can discover gentle, yet powerful detergents through trial and error that will not bother your family members and you.

Natural Cleaning Products: What are your thoughts?

Every day, green products are competing for shelf space with household cleaners. Green products are generally better because they’re more environmentally-friendly.

Be careful! Many products promise vague things, as there is no regulation on the advertising claims. Make sure to read every label and find out what ingredients were used. Look out for the Green Seal of Approval. This is a seal of approval that Green Seal (an independent non-profit organization) gives to products. It ensures they are safe for the environment and work.

Allergies can be made worse by common ingredients

Check the ingredient list to avoid common irritations when cleaning your house.


Many household cleaners, such as window and toilet cleaners, contain ammonia. It is often called ammonium hydroxide. Because it is able to disinfect, cut through grease and clean without streaking, ammonia has become very popular.

Ammonia is not harmful in small quantities. It can cause serious health problems if it is present in high concentrations. It is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Extremely Dangerous Substance. Large amounts of it must be reported to them.

Ammonia can burn the skin and eyes. Ammonia fumes can cause irritation and increase your risk of getting asthma or rhinitis. People with allergic reactions and asthma might want to stay away from ammonia-based cleaning products.


Bleach, another common cleaning agent can be dangerous.

Bleach is a common ingredient in household cleaners. It’s crucial to ensure that you read all labels. Examples include stain and toilet cleaners, as well as bathroom and kitchen cleaners. The active ingredient of chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite. It can also be used as bleaching agent.

Bleach can burn your skin, just like ammonia. If bleach gets into your eyes it can also cause permanent damage. Bleach has also been associated with an increased risk of certain types of asthma and can cause asthma-like symptoms and chronic coughing (called bronchial hyperresponsiveness).


Formaldehyde can be found in surprising numbers of products including:

  • Baby powder
  • Makeup
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Cleaner for wood

Although these products are not high in formaldehyde content, they can still cause allergic reactions. Contact dermatitis (or eye irritation) can be caused by formaldehyde fumes. The U.S. National Toxicology Program has listed formaldehyde as a known cancer-causing agent.

One word of warning: Formaldehyde can also be known as methyl aldehyde or methylene oxide. Other preservatives can also release formaldehyde, so it is difficult to completely avoid. American Contact Dermatitis Society provides a handout with helpful information that includes other names as well as where to find formaldehyde.

Sodium laureth sulfate

You might not have heard of sodium laureth-sulfate but it is something you are familiar with.

The detergents sodium laureth-sulfate and its related sodium lauryl, sulfate are commonly used in cosmetics. These foaming agents are used to produce soap suds and they can also be found in everyday cleaning products like dish soap.

These sulfates may cause severe irritation to people who have skin conditions like eczema or suffer from skin allergies. Although sodium laureth may be less irritating than sodium lauryl, it is still something people who have sensitive skin should avoid.


D-limonene, a key component in citrus oils such as orange, lemon and lime, is also a significant ingredient. D-limonene can be used for flavoring, fragrance and cleaning agents.

Although it’s generally safe to use, some people have reported skin reactions and an increased chance of developing asthma. D-limonene is safe for most people, but it can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.


Triclosan, an antimicrobial agent (germ-killing), was used commonly in soap products before it was outlawed by the Food and Drug Administration. It can be found in high concentrations in some other products, such as toothpaste and hand sanitizer.

Triclosan is associated with many health issues, such as an increase in asthma risk and hayfever. Triclosan may be avoided by people who do not have allergies. It is also associated with thyroid and reproductive problems.

Use non-allergenic cleaning products

What products are best for people who have allergies?

You should only use commercial cleaners that are labeled safe by an outside agency or government entity, like the Environmental Protection Agency. Safer Choice helps you identify safer products for the environment and people. Avoid all fragrances and dyes as well as aerosolized sprays.

You need to know the difference between disinfecting and cleaning. Natural cleaning solutions include water and vinegar as well as baking soda and lemon juice. They don’t clean, however they do remove allergens from your home.

Common allergens: How to reduce them

It’s a smart idea for people suffering from allergies to reduce household allergens such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander.

This can be done by regular cleaning. Regular cleaning should be done with a vacuum that has a high-efficiency particulate-air filter.

Mold can cause severe allergic reactions and can prove difficult to eradicate. While bleach and ammonia are two of the best treatments for mold, they must be used sparingly by those with allergies.

To reduce the chance of allergic reactions to cleaning products, you should use gloves and masks.

The Holistic Sanctuary has the first comprehensive holistic treatment


We constantly observe the alternative treatment scene, be it holistic, naturopathic, homeopathic etc. Today we are bringing attention to the treatment method used at the Holistic Sanctuary in California, which they call “The Pouyan Method”. It is used primarily to treat mental health issues like depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, but also some auto-immune diseases like Lupus, ALS, and some cancers. The method has one of the highest success rates that we have seen in the industry.

What are the main positive effects of holistic approaches?

Nine times out of ten, traditional drug rehab will provide medical detox for the patients. It has been revealed over and over again that medical detox doesn’t lead to long-lasting results. Besides, the withdrawal symptoms can be challenging for the patients, and the chemical substances used for detox can lead to other addictions.

At a holistic rehab center like the Holistic Sanctuary, there is no medical detox, but only natural substances and methods are used for the first step of the holistic treatment. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe and patients report handling the detox a lot easier. Plus, the results will last for a longer time, and the risk for later addiction is minimal. It’s one of the many aspects ensuring later recovery.

Professional supervision is fundamental through detox, especially if the patient is dealing with moderate to severe addiction. At the Holistic Sanctuary, a good number of staff members are monitoring the patient 24/7, whereas er doctor and nurses are ready to act if something goes wrong.

Moreover, the doctors and psychologists in the team will permit patients requiring sacred plant medicine. Sacred plant medicine is a highly efficient, yet powerful holistic therapy helping patients throughout the detox phase. Experienced shamans will conduct the ceremonies, and professionals will keep the patients safe and secure throughout the process.

The holistic addiction treatment program at the Holistic Sanctuary will also involve the use of NAD IV vitamin drips ad coffee enemas, providing the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the patient’s complete recovery.


Holistic approaches to addiction also mean that the body has to be well taken care of so that it can sustain the recovery process. People with addictions skip their healthy meals, and by the time they get to follow treatment programs, their body is in poor health.

Gourmet meals are typical for holistic facilities, but the professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary have even a better approach. The nutritionists in the team teach their patients about the importance of healthy dieting for recovery. They also guide their patients as they switch to organic, vegan, raw, and non-GMO food. The healthy dieting will give the patients the nutrients they need for recovery.

Physical activities

Even ancient Greeks knew about the role of physical activity for our health and well-being. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients have daily access to the gym, and physical activity will always be adjusted to their level of capacity and health condition.

Physical activity is good for the body and the brain, helping the muscle build-up, improve the heart’s activity and circulation. When people exercise, they get to a better mood, become more positive, and receive the addiction treatment program more openly.

Even daily walks through a serene scenery as the Holistic Sanctuary provides will help the patient become more determined to stay on the track of their recovery.

Healing the mind

Traditional rehab omits when addressing addiction is the reality that substance abuse is signaling imbalances of one’s mind, body, and soul. The holistic rehab program at the Holistic Sanctuary will teach the patients to meditate and do Kundalini yoga. Reiki, acupuncture, and therapy massages will also be included in the treatment.

Patients with addiction have reported feeling detached from their inner selves. The holistic treatment programs provide the patients to chance to relax, get in touch with their person, and handle life’s challenges healthier. Patients will stay on the path for recovery as they have the useful skills of coping with life’s difficulties.


The chances are that you may find a traditional center for substance abuse in your neighborhood. It’s not the same with holistic treatment programs that rely on the healing abilities of nature.

The Holistic Sanctuary is found in the most beautiful location so that patients may enjoy the deep blue ocean and beautiful scenery. It’s a secluded area, where only patients and the team is allowed, and the daily walks will be a delight for every patient, speeding up their recovery.


It’s also expected that a holistic rehab facility to provide various therapies. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary comprises professionals from many areas of health care, and they work together to design a customized addiction treatment for every patient.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors will run dual-diagnosis for identifying the patients with co-occurring mental health conditions. With no chemical or prescribed medication allowed on the premises, only holistic and natural substances will be used for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other psychological issues.

HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, stem cell treatment, or telomere repair are some of the many therapies included in the addiction treatment.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the therapies aim to take the brain to the pre-addiction state, which takes time. All treatment programs will last for at least four weeks, with some of the patients requiring a higher number of individual sessions throughout the treatment.

Also, even if some patients may get results with outpatient programs, only inpatient programs give long-lasting results when it comes to holistic treatment programs for substance abuse disorders. Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary have the chance to take distance from their regular life, family, job, or daily triggers and focus exclusively on their recovery.

Natural Burial, Burial Vaults& Caskets- Taking A Look at the Legal Aspects

Natural Burial, Burial Vaults& Caskets- Taking A Look at the Legal Aspects

Natural Burial, Burial Vaults& Caskets- Taking A Look at the Legal Aspects

We live in an era where people like to have options and don’t necessarily go with the traditional ones. It’s the same with funeral services, and more and more people are slowly shifting away from traditional burials. But what’s legal and what’s not? What are your options when it comes to the end of your life?

What are the legal aspects in the case of natural burial?

You’re not the first to ask about the sustainability in death care and natural burial. Many people are concerned about the laws forbidding the choices in death care, especially when it comes to a natural return to the ground.

Green burials and natural burials are becoming a common choice. The first natural burial cemetery was established in the U.S. at the end of the ’90s at Ramsey Creek. At the moment, there are hundreds of new and current cemeteries that provide different ways of natural burial services.

Long story short, natural burial is legal, and no laws are prohibiting natural or green burial at the moment. However, there are state laws and federal regulations that regulate natural burials.

What do Federal Trade Commission Regulations say about natural burial?

When it comes to green and natural burial in the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) only has two rules.

The Funeral Rule is the main one, protecting the consumer’s right to choose only the services and the goods they wish. It also allows the customer to pay exclusively for the services chosen. Therefore, you may very well plan a natural burial with a funeral home.

The Green Guides Revised in 2012 is the second to talk about, as the guidelines sustain the marketers of green products and services to only use language that doesn’t confuse the customers. Specific terms for funeral services would be compostable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and recycled.

Are the state laws different?

It goes without saying that the funeral laws differ from one state to another. Every state has the right to set the main aspects of funeral services. The “disposition of human remains” can have particularities in each state.

There are many boundaries and limitations for the way funeral homes and cemeteries run their business, but three aspects are common for all states: burial vaults, caskets, and embalming.

What’s the law on burial vaults?

You should know that are no laws about concrete burial being mandatory. Except for Louisiana and Massachusetts, the burial vaults aren’t required by law in most states.

However, people still think that they’re required, but it’s the policy of using vaults of most cemeteries that led to the misbelief. In all fairness, concrete and steel burial vaults ease out the location of a grave easy. They also allow you to dig disturbing human remains of another grave nearby.

Vaults also reduce the risk of collapsing and are easy to take care of. Plenty of commercial cemeteries define natural burial regions within their facilities for the vault-less ceremonies.

There are many conservation and natural burial cemetery sites all over the U.S. that don’t allow the use of steel caskets and burial vaults.

For instance, Trusted Caskets in Los Angeles encourages the use of biodegradable caskets and shrouds, with no concrete vaults or liners required. Either way, the options of caskets in Los Angeles, whether it’s for green burial or not, should cover all sorts of possibilities.

What does the law say about caskets?

No state laws are requiring you to use a casket for cremation or burial. Should a burial vault be used, the requirement for a casket may not exist. It’s not mandatory to use a vault nor a casket, and sometimes only a shroud may be enough for burial.

No laws are requiring you for the casket to be made of a specific material. Paper, wicker, cotton, cardboard, felt, wood, and any other materials can be used for the casket.

Is embalming mandatory by the law?

Just like in the case of caskets, no laws are requiring embalming. Even if the terminology differs from one state to another, the idea is that human remains have to be “disposed of” within 24 hours through cremation or burial. Otherwise, the mortal remains need to be preserved, with embalming and refrigeration as main methods.

Embalming has evolved over the last two decades, and many ways of “green” embalming don’t require the use of toxic formaldehyde.

One last thought

More and more people are turning to natural burial for various reasons. The lower costs and the lower impact of natural burials count the most, as people have started to care about the environment a lot more. A simple life should end, and returning to the ground in a less intrusive way is something to think about.


Chainsaw Buying Guide: What To Look For

Chainsaw Buying Guide: What To Look For

An excellent chainsaw is looked at to become one of the best important and also crucial resources that a handyman or even property owner could have. These saws lower the time, money, and also power spent on numerous home and outdoor ventures. Whether it is actually clearing fallen trees after a tornado, stockpiling on firewood for the Wintertime, safely removing dead tree limbs vulnerable of dropping, or pruning bushes and also little plants, possessing a dependable chainsaw all around will make these jobs a lot easier.

Establishment saws differ substantially in measurements, shape, energy, type, features, pricing as well as models. Therefore, that is very significant that you spend your amount of money on the best tool that will undoubtedly well accommodate your needs.

Power saws range from tiny electrical models to sizable gas-powered models plus all possess a vast variety of features to supply, producing the buying decision even more difficult.

Years back, larger gas-powered power saws were one of the most well-known on the marketplace, but that is undoubtedly not inherently accurate any longer. Currently, powerful electrical models have emerged and also have discovered their way into many residences, switching out the traditional, bigger and also bulkier gasoline styles of the past. However, not all work can be taken care of along with an electricity establishment observed, as gas-powered ones are still the greatest option for heavy-duty jobs.

Thus, before you go shopping, ensure to consider your cutting needs properly and also the attributes you will like in an establishment view. Take a look at a few of the best highest ranked chainsaw models here for our acquiring referrals as well as make use of the info in our shopper’s guide to help discover the saw the most effective chainsaw for your needs.

Getting a chainsaw is indeed not a process to become played around. That ought to be a long-term financial investment and is not commonly an economic one either! Chainsaws vary drastically in measurements, shape, body weight, components, styles, styles, and capabilities as well as you would like to make sure that you are purchasing the one that is excellent for your requirements.

This is challenging to understand what to purchase if you do not know just what your alternatives are. Below are some handy details on the numerous sorts of power saws and also vital components that need to support in your selection making procedure.

In general, extra energy is going to most likely cause additional money, however, costs the assets if your work demands brute stamina as well as energy! Locating that ideal balance between electrical power, size, and the cost is complicated but 1st you’ll intend to begin through determining precisely what sort of power saw will undoubtedly match your requirements.

Chainsaw Types

The two main kinds of power saws that you must decide on are gas-powered or electric saws. There are benefits and drawbacks for each style, and each type has its very own components and issues to think about. Price is absolutely a consideration any obtaining decision and also holds true to chainsaw buying at the same time, but your selection in between gasoline or even electricity most likely is going to boil down to your wanted make use of. Depending on the type of job you consider to accomplish and also your site and also accessibility to a source of power will undoubtedly be the establishing consider whether you go with electricity or gas-powered chainsaw.

Think about where and exactly what you will be actually utilizing your saw for and also have a look at the perks and negative aspects of each type below.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Gas-powered power saws often tend to be one of the most well-known selections between both styles. Normally talking, fuel saws will give a smoother, faster cut than power models. Fuel powered saws supply additional torque, added power, and also much quicker chain speeds compared to their electrical versions. Dependability, stability, energy, and movement are essential advantages to gas establishment saws.

The downsides of gasoline-powered power saws are a handful of but most definitely worth thinking about when producing your acquisition. Fuel saws are bigger, bulkier, and tougher to handle compared to the smaller sized power designs. They often tend to run noisier in comparison to electricity saws as well as normally require even more routine maintenance and upkeep as well. Although a lot of styles currently feature emission reducing features, gas-powered saws still emit some exhaust seethes and also are consequently less environmentally friendly in comparison to a power saw.

Fuel powered chainsaw motors could need even more job to get started, but lots of versions are right now happening outfitted along with boosted beginning functions that aid decrease that concern. Regular establishment bar sizes for the gas-powered models are 16″ -18″ for personal use and also longer for qualified usage.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are excellent for smaller sized, light-duty work around the residence such as pruning, trimming down, and also small cutting jobs. They are typically quieter compared to the gas-powered saws and tend to manage smaller and even lighter. Electric models are simpler to handle, quick and easy to begin, and also call for a lot less maintenance and too routine maintenance than gas-powered designs. Typically speaking, electrical designs are also less expensive in comparison to gas log splitters.

Another thing to consider when obtaining a power powered chainsaw is the other forms of electricity models. Electric saws are available in either corded or even cord-less varieties and also relying on the job you are performing as well as where the nearby source of power is actually, one might be a better choice compared to the other. The corded models perform demand a particular kind of expansion cable to ensure correct use and also functionality; often a 12 to 14 scale wire are going to do the trick. Cord-free styles escape an electric battery enabling greater flexibility, but the wireless styles could at times be costlier than gas-powered styles.

Noticeable drawbacks to electrical saws would certainly be restricted movement as the corded models would continue to be near a source of power and also the cord-free saws usually possess a briefer operate opportunity every cost than a storage tank from fuel would certainly receive you on a fuel powered design. Electric styles have slower cutter rates and may certainly not be made use of for heavy duty jobs.

Traditional chain bar durations for power chainsaws are 14″-16″ for corded models and 12″ for cord-less battery powered saws.

The selection in between gas as well as electric commonly boils down to the exact kind of work you will be doing as well as your site of a power source. If you are organizing a long day in the lumbers reducing some large trees, you are going to wish to acquire a gas-powered style. Nevertheless, if you merely have to possess a dependable, user-friendly saw for little projects around the residence at that point, an electricity saw could be the perfect choice for you.

How important is to have sump pump back up battery ?

How important is to have sump pump back up battery ?

Sump pumps are among the first lines from the protection that keep your cellar from flooding whenever heavy storms fall or spring snows liquefy. However, exactly how do you safeguard your home and also your possessions against flooding if your septic tank pump stops working or even the power goes out for an extended duration?

Septic Tank Pump in basement installing a backup sump pump system is one option. Septic tank pumps– like any technical system at home– can easily stop working, even during ideal operating conditions. Whether because of a flaw, grow older or even an obstruction, having a 2nd sump pump device mounted and ready to intervene when needed to may conserve your basement from loaded with flood waters. The good news is, these bodies are readily offered in the majority of equipment establishments.

The majority of second pumps are made from plastic or cast iron, though many customers like directed iron for a truly durable backup pump. Ensure that your backup pump complies with the same outcome demand as your primary pump, however. You don’t wish your key pump to fall short in the course of a hurricane, merely to discover that your backup pump is simply capable of doing one-half from work.

Septic tank pumps likewise only operate if your residence possesses electrical power, so if there is ever before a storm or even a power failure, your septic tank pump would certainly not operate, likely inducing fatal and also expensive damage to your house. Possessing a battery backup unit for your property can assist in these failures and emergency situations. Hooking up a data backup energy supply can keep your sump running throughout a tornado or even interruption, and features a battery that hooks up to the pump.

There is a couple of different sort of electric batteries on the marketplace for your backup. Most usual is battery like the one for your vehicle, yet these last concerning 12 hours if they have a full charge. So if the power is out a lot longer in comparison to that, you could also have a swamped cellar. A brand-new form of battery referred to as AGM electric batteries– or even absorbing glass floor covering electric batteries– have ended up being a well-liked possibility for homeowners. These different batteries possess a longer lifestyle than much older models, as well as do not need water to become included frequently or even need as much maintenance as some much older designs.

Maintain these pointers in mind as you are purchasing your backup electric battery or even second septic tank pump system, as well as make sure to maintain your basement completely dry whatever nature tosses at you. Always remember to look at blog site on a regular basis, and seek an approaching message on another alternative to keep your cellar dry– water-powered data backup septic tank pumps.

I hope this article helped you realizing how important is to install a solar powered backup sump pump in your basement, in order to prevent any floods into your basement.

Camping Travel

Camping Travel

Doing something amazing this day it’s a difficult thing. So, we came with a great idea what offers you the chance to get in touch with nature and yourself. Going on a camping vacation is like taking a trip into the past and get all your thoughts in order. Also, you can choose to take this journey with your family and make this trip all about you and your loved ones.

Before you choose to go on a camping holiday, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of adventure. Even if you are tired of the noisy city and you want to explore and enjoy outdoor activities, you need to know both sides of camping vacation.

As you can guess, a camping trip helps you in your social life and has a great impact on your physical state of mind. First of all, nature means fresh air, a lot of sunshine and lots of trees. In the middle of this, you can only be happy, and the most interesting thing is that your body releases more serotonin from the extra oxygen and that is why you can feel so happy in those moments. Also, don’t forget about the light from the sunshine that gives you the right amount of energy that you need and your body receives a lot of vitamin D.

Starting from there, you will feel more in the mood to socialize and to remind good old stories and experience new unique moments. You will improve your moods, and the stress level will go so low, and you will feel like a new person with positive thoughts and much more energy.

A camping vacation is also good for your night sleep. A deep sleep without nightmares will be your first best advantage to take this trip. You will feel just like a newborn, and your lever energy will get so high so that you can start new challenges.

As you can see this trip will improve your soul and body. With this vacation, you will remind how is to eat good and fresh food exactly from nature. You can fish or hunt if you’re allowed.

Talking about all the advantages, this kind of vacation is cheaper than one with hotels which most of us have. You will need just a tent, sleeping bags, and others but the difference is that you can use them all the time so if you buy them its a great investment. Also, the time you spend in one place depends on your mood. Being relax and happy is all that matters in camping vacations.

On the other side, the disadvantages can be seen from a subjective view. Not for all people, some disadvantages will be the same. So, you will not have a toilet, but most of the camping has an ecologic toilet so you can use it as long as you want. Another problem can be missing showers, but you can always make a bath in a river, or you can rent a room in a hotel and take a shower.

If you are an adventurous person, nothing can stop you from going on a camping vacation and experience all those amazing and unique moments. Enjoy the camping experience!