NAET in figures


The NAET technique was developed in 1983, and Dr Devi Nambudripad started teaching it to other health professionals in 1989. There are now about 8500 NAET practitioners, most of them resident in North America. At the same time, since June 2000, more than 1200 have already been trained in Europe*.

Current distribution by medical specialisation is roughly as follows: 15% medical doctors, 40% acupuncturists, 30% chiropractors and 15% others (homeopaths, dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.).

The majority of these health professionals have now made NAET the core part of their practice and their patients are constantly increasing in number thanks to simple “word of mouth” effect.

Dr Nambudripad has documented thousands of clinical case histories in order to enable the method to be scientifically evaluated, with the help of a number of academic researchers. She has published several books including her principal work, Say Goodbye to Illness (3rd edition).

Last but nor least, NAET has just obtained specific insurance billing codes from several insurance companies in the United States.

Training in Europe

Several training seminars are held in Europe every year, either with Dr Nambudripad or with instructors trained by her in America. These seminars are held in English with the assistance of professional interpreters where necessary. NAET certification can be obtained once the whole training program has been completed. This involves a basic training seminar (sufficient to begin practising) and an advanced seminar, each of which lasts 3 days.

This training program is open to all health professionals with a diploma qualifying them to practice one of the above-mentioned specialisations. There is also an organisation based in France whose mission is to propagate the NAET method in Europe and provide the necessary framework for creating and promoting a European network of NAET-trained practitioners who operate in accordance with the original methodology.

* NAET has been described in the book (1000p): “Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide“, at the end of a 7 pages specific review of the technique, as follows:

“…a growing number of physicians are heralding NAET’s merits and incorporating it into their practice, making it one of the fastest-growing new therapies in the field of alternative medicine“.