Best Backyard Patio Designs

Best Backyard Patio Designs

A backyard patio is an extension of your home in the backyard. It is popularly used by most people for entertainment and relaxation. More often than not, it is hard-surfaced with pavers, stone, bricks or tiles. Many homeowners, fond of outdoor cooking, keep a grill or barbecue permanently on their patio along with outdoor tables and chairs. Others, fond of horticulture, create a garden, and if climatic conditions permit, provide their outdoor patio with a tropical flair. A well-designed backyard patio can significantly change the appearance of a house. It can provide an aura of depth or width depending on how it is decorated, or the design of the paver patterns used.

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Types Of Backyard Patios

There are many different types of patios for backyards which are well illustrated in décor or home design websites. Your selection would depend on available space and your budget, and what you primarily intend using the patio for. Patio space to garden space must be considered. Some homeowners prefer the patio to occupy a designated space leaving much of the total available space for a garden. In such a situation a homeowner would be looking for small patio ideas. Many people prefer to have the patio partially roofed as a protection against the elements. An addition like an overhang, or a pergola, would allow you to use the patio for most of the year if not right through it.

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Patio Designs

A patio design is a personal choice. There are no specific or standard designs, only a plethora of best backyard design ideas which will help you make your decision. A good way of going about it is to visit some homes with impressive existing patios or to check on a home décor website. You could hire a professional landscape designer who would be an expensive option. Most homeowners prefer to make their own patio choice.

A patio need not be symmetrical or straight. You could have a curved patio or a combination of a curve and straight. Using both curves and straight lines will make your patio look novel. If you do decide on curves, make sure your curves are large and sweeping. Sharp curves tend to make the patio appear small and cramped.

An alternative is a straight line patio design. If you opt for this, the patio should be perpendicular to the house. If it is a large patio, you could divide the area into separate spaces with a planter or seat wall. Break the monotony with something circular like a patio pond or a circle design.

Features For Backyard Patios

Seat walls are an interesting architectural addition to any patio design. They are artistic and functional, providing a place for you to chat or unwind and enjoy your patio experience. Plants are always a welcome addition if your patio is large enough to accommodate them. Plants provide lush greenery and color. If you are looking for shade options, you could consider an outdoor awning which will also offer protection from rain. If your outdoor patio is large enough a garden pergola is a great design feature. A cheaper option would be to plant large shade trees, but of course, you’ll have to wait until they grow. If you plan on using your patio at night, decorative lights are a great feature. For a tropical flavor, installing tiki torches is the way to go.

Paver materials

When it comes to paver materials, you are spoiled for choices. Your selection will probably be governed by your budget as this will be the largest cost in your patio project.  Here are some ideas:

Brick offers a traditional look, is durable and can be installed in patterns. It is a midway option regarding price.

Natural stone is an excellent choice but expensive. Natural stone lasts a lifetime.

Stamped or colored concrete is practical and popular. You can buy this to give a stone or brick appearance but at a much cheaper cost.

Plain concrete is the most affordable option though not the most aesthetically pleasing. However, you could intersperse it with bricks and other materials to create a pattern which will make it more appealing.

Pavers come in a wide selection, are relatively inexpensive, durable and easy to install. Pavers can be installed on a base of sand or gravel, or they could be mortar- grouted. Interlocking paver stones need not be grouted at all. Pavers are one of the most fascinating of patio materials. Pavers are stronger than concrete and can be easily repaired. Another advantage is that they are movable should the need arise.

The color of your paver material makes a significant difference. Darker colors will absorb and dissipate heat. Lighter colors are cooler, but glare could be an issue.