Best Rated Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are one of the niftiest pieces of equipment that you can purchase for your home. A heat pump is an air conditioner, except that it can function both ways – it can heat a house and cool it when necessary.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump operates based on the principle of heat transfer. Essentially, this means that the heat pump needs a source of heat and transfers this depending on the function (to heat or cool a house). For example, in the winter, you will need hot air blown into the house. The heat pump collects heat from the air or the ground and transfers this to your house. Conversely, during the summer, the heat pump will gather the heat from your house and transfers it to the outside air – hence, cooling your house.

What do you have to consider when buying a heat pump?

Logic dictates that the best-rated heat pumps should be the optimal choice for you. However, not all of the best-rated heat pumps may be suited to your needs. Let us look at some of the factors that you have to consider when looking at the best-rated heat pumps in the market.

The size of your house

Naturally, the bigger the house, the more powerful the heat pump that you will need. This also includes the number of rooms that you intend to heat or cool. If you intend to heat or cool just one room, then a single heat pump will do the trick. On the other hand, for two or more rooms, you will need a multi-system or a fully ducted system.

If you are looking for instructions regarding heat pump installation, you should visit HeatPumpSource website.


You also have to look at the insulation in your house. The better the insulation that you have installed, the less powerful the heat pump that you will need. You should take a look at insulating your walls, windows, doors, and ceiling.


Of course, the price is always a factor when purchasing anything. The bigger the heat pump, the more expensive it will be. Also, the price of heat pumps goes up proportionately with the energy efficiency rating. The best-rated heat pumps need not be the most expensive ones, mind you.

Extra features

You may opt for the most basic model of heat pumps. However, you can choose to take a look at the best-rated heat pumps with additional features that you will give you value for your money. For example, choose a heat pump that does not create much noise. Another excellent feature is the plasma filter. This helps in cleaning the air up concerning dust and odors. Naturally, you would want your air indoors to be healthy for everyone.

The bottom line is that the best-rated heat pumps have features and specifications that may differ from one person to another. You have to make sure that you know exactly what is it that you require from the heat pump so that you can make the best choice.

How to Choose the Best Wood Lathe

How to Choose the Best Wood Lathe

Woodturning is not only an art but at the same time it’s also a skill, and because of that, a lot of people are interested in mastering it. However, if you never used a wood turner before, you should know that the use lathes that vary in size and can create wonderful turnings made of wood, including bowls, table legs, lamps, pens and so on. But if you’re a novice when it comes to wood turning, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a good wood lathe, so let’s take a good look below on how to choose the best wood lathe.



One of the most important factors that are going to influence your decision of choosing the best wood lathe in spite of another is the types of projects you’re going to consider. For instance, if you want to make small wooden objects, including toys or pens, then you should go for a tabletop lathe. On the other hand, if you plan on making lamps and tables, then a well built cast iron or steel lathe is recommended.

  1. Your workspace

If you ever saw a wood lathe at one of your friends or maybe in a showroom, you already know that these are large pieces of equipment that do take up quite a bit of space. On top of that, they also need a lot of space when being turned, so you need to have a pretty large room if you want to get one and use it comfortably.


  1. Size

The good news is that lathes are measured in inches which can easily help you when it comes to buying one that suits your needs. The most common wood lathe size is twelve by thirty-six inches, and one such model will easily turn a piece of wood that is thirty-six inches in length and twelve inches in diameter.


Also, when it comes to wood lathes, bigger is generally better since it improves the versatility of the machine. If you aren’t sure about the types of projects, you’ll want to use your wood lathe for, make sure you get a bigger one to be safe.

For more intersting tips, visit this website.



There are 2 ways that a lathe can turn wood and they include using an electronic speed drive or with manual adjustments. Now when it comes to this, it all boils down to personal preference. The electronic speed adjustment is simpler to use and also faster, while the manual one is more accurate, but demands more skill and time.



Last but not least, the accessories the wood lathe comes with are very important, since you don’t like to shop for the ones you need when you have an urgent project to complete. It’s best that you go with a wood lathe that doesn’t feature uncommonly sized tapers and spindle threads, since finding accessories for it can prove to be pretty difficult.


All in all, these are the main things you need to consider when you want to buy a wood lathe. By keeping them in mind, you’re certainly going to find the best model for your needs and one that doesn’t break the bank, too.

Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano Review

Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano Review

If you’ve seen this Casio PX850 digital piano, you’ll understand why many people go crazy over it. Its elegant looks, compact design, and unique features like the sliding key cover, duet mode, and track recorder are just some of Casio px850 the reasons why it’s so irresistible.

Product Description of Casio PX850 Privia

Piano Sound

The piano sound of this Casio Privia has undergone significant improvement. The piano uses over three times the memory of its predecessors, to give a piano tone that’s more natural. Additionally, the new sound source processor by Casio called Acoustic and intelligent Resonator (AiR), offers excellent, flawless dynamics for that powerful and expressive performance. The AiR processor uses grand piano samples recorded at four dynamics sampling, which enables it to produce grand piano sounds, which have long natural decays.

Key Action

The Casio PX850 comes with an 88-key, tri-sensor, and hammer action keyboard with a stylish slide cover. It also has textured ebony and ivory keys, which give an incredible feeling when touched. Its three sensors help to capture the dynamics of your performance with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

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Other FeaturesCasio digital pianos

The Casio PX850 contains numerous other features that will surely make you delighted whether you’re a newbie or a professional. For instance, the 18 different tones and the 256 polyphony notes (many digital pianos have 128 or less), all of which are just impressive. The high polyphony makes sure that each note you play rings for the intended duration. Also, it has 20W dual speakers, which helps to enhance the piano’s sound quality further. The capacity of the speakers is also boosted by the adjustable cabinet, which directs the produced sound towards the performer.

The matching stand, pedal board and keyboard cover of this piano make it an attractive addition to your home décor. It also has three built-in pedals, which allow for adjustments during a performance.

For digital effects, this Casio PX850 is equipped with four chorus types, four reverb types, as well as brilliance levels which range from -3 to +3. It also has recording capability for two tracks and a song, which allows you to record and playback your songs.


Casio PriviaProduces amazing sound that’s far much better than that of pricier models.

Its rich tones are comparable to a grand piano; in fact, you wouldn’t notice any difference.

The keys are perfectly weighted, and they feel very real. With this piano, you need not worry about the plastic feel that some digital pianos have, as the lower keys are a bit heavy compared to the higher ones, pretty much similar to a grand piano.

The touch response is great considering the price of this piano, though not the best. If you want a better touch and key action response, you may need to spend more. This is one reason why this piano is best suited for beginners and transitional pianists. It’s a classy and attractive addition to any room. It also gives an impression of fine taste and sophistication to anyone who owns it. It’s easy to assemble.

So long as you can read and follow the instructions included in the manual, you won’t find any problems assembling it. Just an hour or less is sufficient. Have excellent connection capabilities, just like its predecessors. Its simple stand design makes it quite portable. Doesn’t occupy too much space. Its sliding cover comes in handy for protecting the keys against spills and dust.

It has incredible features that help to enhance the learning experience of beginners such as recording capability, inbuilt metronome, tempo settings, as well as preset songs.

If you’re used to digital pianos with LCD, then you may get disappointed by the Casio PX850 because it lacks this feature. The material used for enclosing the keyboard is made of synthetic wood.

This is a minor issue, but this piano would have been much better if the real wood was used instead. You also have to buy the matching bench separately when buying this Casio digital piano.

Considering the top-notch sound quality produced by the Casio Privia PX850, its price, as well the unique features it has, like the sliding key cover and the AiR sound processor, it’s a must-have instrument if you value quality. It’s most suitable for you if you’re a new learner or an intermediate pianist.

LED Flashlights and Their Affect on Night Vision

LED Flashlights and Their Affect on Night Vision

I must admit that I’m not a very technical person.  However, when deciding on which LED flashlights to purchase it can be important for you to look at not only the functional capabilities of the flashlight, but also the technical specifications and capabilities as well.

In the article I’ve included below, the author does a fantastic job at explaining why it might not be in your best interest to get the brightest LED flashlights for nighttime outdoor activities.  This is something that is actually a little bit counter-intuitive.  Most of us feel when it’s dark out, the best thing to have is the brightest flashlight you can find.  Not necessarily true.  Please read on.

How LED Flashlights Affect Night Vision

By Tom C. Huntington

The best way to view the world at night is with bright, clear, white light, right? Whether maneuvering around a campground, looking for a lost pet, lighting one’s path for trick-or-treating, or for any other activity that requires light at night, using LED flashlights with white lights seems to be the logical lighting solution.

So why is it then that many fishermen, hunters, and military personnel prefer NOT to use white LED flashlights light while navigating at night? Well, in reality, that white light isn’t really helping our vision, it’s destroying our natural night vision. Understanding the mechanics and biological processes behind human vision will help explain why the use of LED flashlights with white light is sometimes avoided at night.

The Workings of the Human Eye

The way a human eye works can be compared to how a camera operates. Both control the amount of light that enters so that there is a clear exposure for the incoming image. The camera records this image on film, but the eye has a slightly more complex system.

Light journeys through the cornea, pupil, the lens, and the jelly-like vitreous humor tissue until it reaches the retina. The retina is a layer of tissue located at the back of the eyeball and is made up of millions of light-sensitive cells called rods and cones. Cones will pick up on color and detail mostly in the daytime. Rods will focus on monochromatic vision in more low-light conditions.

Upon coming in contact with light, the rods and cones send electrical signals to the brain via the optic nerve. Once the brain has translated these light signals, we are able to view the world (our equivalent of the image being recorded on film).

Rods and Your Night Vision

Night vision is produced by chemicals in the rods called rhodopsin. Rhodopsin, a biological pigment that is highly sensitive to light, molecules change shape when they absorb light and this process results in the detection of light.

Ever wonder why it takes time for your eyes to become accustomed to the dark again after being exposed to bright light, such as from an LED flashlight? Well, this happens because those rhodopsin molecules take time (usually around half an hour) to retain their night vision shape after the eye is exposed to bright light.

The light spectrum where rods and cones are more sensitive is also another interesting component of the inner-workings of the human eyeball. On one side, the yellow-green section of the light spectrum, cones are more sensitive, hence why newer crosswalk signs are a bright yellow-green color so that they can stand out to drivers. On the other side, the blue-green section of the light spectrum, rods are more sensitive. So, colors such as red are harder for rods to pick up on. Hence why many outdoorsmen prefer using colored LED flashlights instead of white in order to preserve and protect their night vision.

Preserving Your Night Vision

Now that you have a better idea as to what some of the inner-workings of the human eye are, it’s time to choose the best LED flashlight for your night vision needs. Though most people choose LED flashlights that mimic daylight due to being more comfortable in the day time (and our cones can pick up on both color and detail), it’s time to think about what flashlight is best for your night vision.

There are LED flashlights that can emit yellow-green, blue-green, or red light, and even a type of LED flashlight that can contain all three of those light options, plus white light.

It may be difficult to choose which color spectrum to have with your LED flashlight, so think about the usage of this flashlight.

  • -Red light is great for when you want to use as little light as possible (rods cannot detect this kind of light which makes it great for maintaining your night vision).
  • -An LED flashlight emitting yellow-green light is great for when your need to read a color map (cones will be able to detect the colors and details more easily). If you are concerned about protecting your night vision, cover one of your eyes while using the yellow-green light.
  • -Blue-green light is great for using as little light as possible and detail is not necessary to see.

Now that you know a little more about how the human eye and night vision work, perhaps you will choose an LED flashlight that has a few more options than just white light.

For more information on selecting, using, and maintaining LED flashlights or headlamps, visit the National Neon Sign.

The other day, I actually tested the points that the author makes in this article.  I went out in the woods behind my house on a night with plenty of cloud cover, so it was really dark.  I had one of my usual trusty white LED flashlights with me, along with a red color LED flashlight.

It didn’t take long to notice the difference.  With the regular white LED flashlight, I could see only what the light was shining on and to either side remained pitch black, whereas with the red color LED flashlight I had a better sense of my peripheral vision and my surroundings in general.  Basically, I had better night vision.  Try it out for yourself sometime, you will be surprised at the difference.

Spray On Insulation

Spray On Insulation

Maybe you have heard of spray on insulation as a green alternative to typical insulating methods. If so then you are correct in your hearing.

If you have turned on a TV news program in the last year, you have likely heard a lot about how you can become more environmentally responsible, otherwise known as “green”. It used to be that green living was considered an offbeat idea. People often envisioned a flower child from the 1960’s living on a communal farm with enormous solar panels on the roof. While this might have been somewhat true at a certain point in history, now being green is the latest trend. One of the ways that you can join in the effort to save the planet is by starting with your own home. There are certain projects that you can do yourself or hire out that cost very little but save the environment and your wallet. One of these is by using something called spray on insulation.

Otherwise known as spray foam pro insulation, this earth friendly material will really pay for itself over the long run. It is manufactured from recyclable material and can make your home much more energy efficient. In fact, it might even add value to your property if you plan on selling in the future.

Most homes have fiberglass insulation, which is the least expensive option available. You have probably seen this type of insulation. It looks a lot like pink cotton candy, however you do not want to take a bit of this stuff! It has tiny, prickly pink fibers that are known to cause health issues. If you touch the material, you are likely to become itchy. These fibers can also be sucked down into your lungs if they are floating in the air. They can scar the inside of your esophagus and do lung damage. Aside from the health issues, this insulation is not nearly as effective at energy efficiency as is spray on insulation.

This type of insulation is also known as polyurethane foam and is a foam plastic that comes out as a liquid and then expands. It is very energy efficient because it fills the cracks by expanding to many times its original size. Plus, this insulation stays where it is. There are no worries about it needing repair or replacement. It also acts as a repellant to moisture and insects, and creates a more sound-proof environment. The seal is so tight that critters will have a hard time getting into your home. So, you are not only saving energy costs but pest control costs as well!

Because it also protects against moisture, any kind of water will have a hard time entering your home. Therefore, you are also protecting your house against mold and mildew. You can use spray on insulation in ceilings and floors as well as around windows and doors. It can be a bit of a messy process, so either hire a professional or make sure that you understand how to install it yourself.

If you are looking for a way to go green while saving yourself a lot of money on your monthly energy costs, spray on insulation is certainly one route to take. You will be protecting your home for a very long time to come.



Sometimes budget means cheap rubbish… Not in this case. For the price, this 24-inch monitor is the perfect entry to gaming monitors. Usually, with cheaper monitors you don’t get anything special, but with this monitor, you get a 1ms response time which is perfect for gaming. Speakers also come built-in, they aren’t great, but if you’re stuck they may be useful. It’s 1080p resolution and 24-inch screen is still great for gaming and for the price you can’t go wrong.

With 2 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 AUX you’ll have no problem hooking this up to you computer and other games consoles. It also has a lot of built-in features and adjustments built into the menu which is easy to navigate. The design is basic but smart with a good build quality making it fell a lot more expensive than the price suggests. The bezels are fairly large so if you plan to have more than one the large bezel might be annoying.

Now, there are speakers on this monitor, but they’re not exactly studio quality, to say the least! You might compare it to your phone speakers which isn’t very good so we recommend getting a decent pair of speakers for gaming/music/movies etc… If you also like DVD Games then you may go here.


  • Crisp picture quality
  • Expensive feel
  • Easy setup
  • Very low response time
  • Flicker-free technology


  • Speakers

What is the refresh rate?

This monitor has a 60hz refresh rate.

What leads does it come with?

It comes with a DVI and VGA lead.

 Is it Windows 10 compatible?

Yes it is.

Does it work with an Xbox One or PS4

Yes, it has HDMI ports so it’ll work fine.


If you’re on a limited budget for a gaming monitor but still want a 1ms response time and a few other features this monitor may just be perfect for you.