Miscellaneous allergies

Miscellaneous allergies

Reducing side effects from drugs

I have been suffering from a serious blood disorder for many years, which has recently started to transform into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.
I was offered the chance of a mini transplant (or transplant-lite) for Bone Marrow. The preconditioning for this transplant, as in most cancers was a high dose of strong chemotherapy drugs.
The side effects of these drugs can be debilitating, including considerable weight loss, nausea, vomiting, and in the case of one particular drug, rigors and shivering. Although I knew that this treatment could be potentially life saving, the thought of the side effects caused me considerable distress.
Luckily for me, I had had recently come across an article about NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, and on contacting my local practitioner that this also included the possibility of treatment for the side effects of conventional medication.
On my first visit the practitioner took a detailed medical history from me, and ascertained through muscle testing what treatment I would need. In subsequent visits I was treated for certain basic allergies followed by the specific medications, and also certain bacteria and viruses from which I would be particularly at risk following the transplant.
When I eventually received my Bone Marrow Transplant, I had no side effects from any of the medication treated and nor have I suffered infection of any kind. And although I lost my hair it began to regrow very quickly.
I left hospital after two weeks when the average time spent in hospital is 4 to 6 weeks. Staff at the hospital were very surprised as I was only the third person not to have a reaction from Campath, and the only person ever not to react to Melphalan.
I felt compelled to write and let people know that they no longer have to suffer the horrendous side effects of chemotherapy used in cancer treatment, and that whilst all the other patients in the hospital were struggling to cope with the debilitating side effects, my body was allowed to concentrate on recovering from the transplant.

Mrs L Brookes, Leicestershire


My patient is a 17-year old boy who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. His parents were looking for alternatives as they didn’t want him to inject insulin for the rest of his life. They tried different diets in order to regulate the blood sugar level, etc. Then they heard about NAET and contacted me in May 2003. After a lot of testing we started on the basic nutrients. After the first treatment a rash he’d had completely disappeared and never returned. After the treatment for egg-mix his craving for them (12 eggs a week) completely disappeared. After the treatment for sugar he did not need any insulin for that night.
Gradually after 2 months his blood sugar level had come down to 12.3 from

His mum told me that he would eat lots of mayonnaise (800g jar in 5 days) and he wanted to lose weight. After the basics I treated him for mayonnaise, the craving stopped, he felt more energetic and he is now gradually losing weight.

In July he went for his 3-monthly check-up at the hospital. They were very impressed and said whatever he was doing he should continue. His average blood sugar was normal and he was down from 35 units a day to 11 units.
Once we had done various food items I then treated him for his own pancreas. From then on his blood sugar levels were so stable that for 3 weeks he didn’t need any insulin at all. During this time I continued to treat him for various things. The blood sugar level was monitored very, very closely and more often. After a meal the blood sugar level would go up a bit, but after 2 -4 hours it would regulate itself suggesting some reaction going on in the pancreas which “shouldn’t be possible”. His treatments are on-going. He is back on some insulin (max. 13 units a day instead of the 35 he needed before). He is feeling very good and strong and is now attending college.


It wasn’t an ovarian cyst after all!

I was treated by Dr. Devi for a list of allergies a couple of years ago and released from her regular care. Few months later, my left lower abdomen (near ovary) began hurting. I suffered the pain for three weeks. I went in for a check up. My gynecologist did an ultrasound on my left lower abdomen and found a lemon size cyst in my left ovary. She suggested surgery. Then I remembered to check with Dr. Devi. In her office, she tracked down my ovarian cyst to the special coffee I was drinking (5 cups/day) for the past three weeks. She immediately treated me for that coffee. She had to treat me for that particular coffee, coffee and tissue of the ovary, and heat, ovary and coffee. It took four days to complete the treatment. My pain was completely gone by then. By the fifth day I saw my gynecologist and she did another ultrasound of my ovaries at my request. The cyst was not there. After five years, my ovaries still remain healthy.

Mag Murray
Eureka, CA

Is this my candida?

I have been a patient of Dr. Devi for three years. When I first started the allergy treatments, I was in pretty bad condition. My health deteriorated twelve years ago when I came down with chronic fatigue. I had constant sinus infections for years, and the antibiotics I took gave me candida. I suffered from severe systemic candida for years. I had frequent headaches, body pain, bladder infections, and a fever for over a year and a half. And my uterus was detaching and I had large cysts on my ovaries. There are also a lot of health care video production companys with tons of videos that explains how to treat this problem.I was exhausted all the time. I saw many doctors during the past 12 years and every one of them diagnosed my condition as if overgrowth of candida and yeast as my only problem. I went through various detox and took the mercury out of my teeth, tried to eat healthy at home, spent thousands of dollars and suffered the pain and agony everyday in spite of everything. I tried everything that I knew to get well, including a healthy diet, rest, and acupuncture with Chinese herbal teas, at great expense. This helped some, but not permanently. Little did I know I was allergic to everything I was eating and drinking along with the environmental pollutions. Previous allergy testing only showed environmental allergies. I was 38 years old and I thought my life was over.
After I started treatment with Dr. Devi my health has steadily improved. It took about three months of basic treatments, treating the chronic fatigue and candida after which I noticed a change. When I was treated for minerals the cysts on my ovaries disappeared and my uterus re-attached. A sonogram and examination confirmed and showed everything as normal once again.
I have a life again. All my infections are long gone and headaches are rare. I exercise and I know I will live a long life in health and with energy.
Thank God for Dr. Devi and NAET treatment. This is a real and permanent solution for any health problems.

Janet Johnson, Riverside, CA.

Periodontal disease

I know I wrote a letter already about the wonderful effects of NAET, but I have to send you another about the most recent discovery. On April 15, 1996 I went for a regular check-up with my dentist. The hygienist took a sample from my gums and put it under a slide. To my horror I had stuff I did not want to look at. I was advised that I had the beginnings of gum periodontal disease. Yuk!

Here’s the data:
Initial Exam April 15,1996
Selenomonas spp: too many to count
Amoeba 13-24-on a screen
Actinomycetemeomitans 07-12 on a screen

I came in to your office for a treatment on April 17, 1996. My hygienist agreed to do another slide exam to determine if the treatment had been effective. She was amazed!! She said no one improves that quickly when the counts are as high as mine were.

Here’s the data as of April 25,1996:
Selenomonas spp; none
Amoeba 1-6 on a screen
Actinomucetemeomitans 1-6 on a screen
I think the data says it all. The dentist’s office staff was amazed. They are not typically open to alternative methods of treatment. They called me and asked for Dr. Trott’s number. My hygienist even suggested that I get another treatment from Dr. Trott and come back for another test to see if there was even further improvement¡­

Phyltis Stewart, LMSW, ACP
(Patient of Dr.Gary Trott, TX)

Ringing in the ear

I suffered from severe ringing in the ears for many years. It wasn’t severe in the beginning and it happened only when I was resting. Gradually it got worse and it began bothering me all day long. I tried different treatments, nothing worked. Finally I heard about NAET. In her office, Dr. Devi evaluated me and asked me ill used feather pillows. I had used feather pillows and comforters since childhood. I loved my pillows. I carried them with me wherever I went, even on vacation. She said that they were causing my problem. She treated me for feathers and asked me to stay in a hotel until the 35 hours were over since I had so many feather pillows and feather particles flying all over the house. That night I slept very well. The next morning when I woke up, I was free of the ringing in my ears. Alter 35 hours I returned home. I am still free from the ringing in the ears.

Casey N.
Costa Mesa

Infancy diabetes

Our daughter is now 9 years old, her name is Jessica and looking back on it now the years of 2002 and 2003 were very hard. Jessica was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 16 months, hard enough in itself. At the age of four and a half nearly five we also found out Jessica had Coeliac Disease, an intolerance to gluten and she was put onto a lifelong strict glutenfree diet. Things calmed down for a little while until we noticed problems in the Autumn of 2002.

It started really slowly, Jessica kept giving us clothes that were not comfy anymore. It took until april 2003 and regarding the clothes we were getting desperate. She kept saying all the clothes were making her itchy. You could see it in her eyes it was driving her mad. She couldn’t wear PE clothes, swimming costume, underwear, school uniform etc. The poor mite was down to 2 summerdresses. School were really good and let her wear what she could but she was feeling it. She was so unhappy in her own skin, so emotional, aggressive etc.

The doctors tried everything, lotions, pills, bloodtests, they changed Jessica’s insulin but things did not get solved. She was so unhappy.

It was through my own brother in the Netherlands that I heard about NAET and we found Pamela Barettell. If ever there was an angel, her name was Pam. She opened her house to us even at their dinnertime because of Jessica’s diabetes the treatment had to be done a certain time of the day. The treatment for Jessica herself was easy she used to look forward to going for treatment. Jessica had problems with: cheese, cotton, elastane, cathair, heat, underwear, washing softner.

The first 6 treatments were hard because of the 24 hour omittance regarding her diabetes and coeliac disease. The cotton and heat treatment took a few times and also in combination. One thing i did notice every time Jessica had the BBF vial she was extremely happy for the next 24 hours. Jessica altogether must have had about 20 treatments. A lot of driving up and down the A14 but is was the best decision we had ever made regarding her health.

It is now September 2004, Jessica’s last treatment was I believe last February/March . You would not believe the transformation, Jessica now wears a lot of clothes, school uniform, PE clothes, swimming costumes and lots more at home and she is such a happy girl. Her diabetes has also improved (because Pam treated that twice also) in the sense that she is on less insulin. Knowing what we know now we would happily recommend the NAET method to anyone.

I hope this is of any help for you Pam.

50 different allergens in all !!

Eczema from plaster-dust, hay-fever with moulds, fungi, all pollens, dermatitis with woollens and nylons.

Allergic rhinitis with tobacco smoke, perfumes, house dust, dust mites.

Breathing problems with feathers, Stomach cramps with coffee, onions,Black-out with all fish even small traces

Bloating and pain in colon with wheat flour, milk products.Rashes with rubber , swelling with latex,I was a total mess heading for disaster!!

I was treated by NAET practitioner : Fitz Larsen, Hitchin, UK

During this period -: I enjoyed the treatments and soon got-to-grips with the avoidance periods. After the first treatment I had the major advantage of being able to sleep on feather pillows – a boon when working abroad.

With the following Results :Completely transformed my life. A strong, lively healthy vibrant person emerged. So impressed with NAET results that I trained and became a practitioner myself.

I hereby certify that the above testimonial is accurate and agree that it be used for purposes of display and advertising by the named NAET practitioner.

Mrs Ann Blair, UK

B-Complex Treatment

I have suffered badly for approx 7 years with what I was told was Candida (now I am not sure if it was Candida after all) and even though I went on various exclusion diets and took various supplementation I never seemed to get well. When I got to the point that I could only eat about 3 food items without getting a reaction (including wheat and dairy), I decided to look to see if there was anything else out there that could help me. I first read about NAET from the internet and decided to give it a go by making an appointment to see Shirley Moore in Swindon, who was my nearest practitioner. At my first treatment I was tested and came up sensitive to the majority of the first basic 10 items. With the first 3 or 4 treatments I did not notice a major difference but when I was treated for B Complex I could suddenly introduce a lot more foods into my diet including wheat & cheese which of course I could not eat before. Also a wonderful thing I can now enjoy a glass of my favourite red wine which before NAET I used to get an awful reaction too. I still have some way to go but my life is a lot easier now. I am so pleased that I have come across this treatment and would recommend it to anyone. I also have recommended a friend who had all types of symptoms and after only the second treatment being treated for Calcium she feels a whole lot better. Thank you.

Given by J. Harris, Gloucestershire.

Alcohol, Binge Drinking and NAET…

Prior to starting my NAET treatment I had been binge drinking for over 2 years. Since my treatment I have not drunk alcohol at all and more importantly I’ve had no desire to do so. Although I’d managed prior to the treatment not to drink for a few weeks at a time it was always a struggle, now I don’t even think about drinking. It’s fantastic & I didn’t expect such a dramatic change.

What the therapist has to say about this case…

A patient of mine had been struggling with binge drinking especially the week before the onset of her period. She also had terrible problems sleeping. All this was ruining her life. I treated her for the basics first. During this time her sleep problems disappeared. Then I treated her for various hormones and then for the alcohol itself. After that her cravings disappeared completely and she hasn’t had any problems with alcohol since. Any person with an alcohol problem will understand what freedom this means to my patient.