Spray On Insulation

Spray On Insulation

Maybe you have heard of spray on insulation as a green alternative to typical insulating methods. If so then you are correct in your hearing.

If you have turned on a TV news program in the last year, you have likely heard a lot about how you can become more environmentally responsible, otherwise known as “green”. It used to be that green living was considered an offbeat idea. People often envisioned a flower child from the 1960’s living on a communal farm with enormous solar panels on the roof. While this might have been somewhat true at a certain point in history, now being green is the latest trend. One of the ways that you can join in the effort to save the planet is by starting with your own home. There are certain projects that you can do yourself or hire out that cost very little but save the environment and your wallet. One of these is by using something called spray on insulation.

Otherwise known as spray foam pro insulation, this earth friendly material will really pay for itself over the long run. It is manufactured from recyclable material and can make your home much more energy efficient. In fact, it might even add value to your property if you plan on selling in the future.

Most homes have fiberglass insulation, which is the least expensive option available. You have probably seen this type of insulation. It looks a lot like pink cotton candy, however you do not want to take a bit of this stuff! It has tiny, prickly pink fibers that are known to cause health issues. If you touch the material, you are likely to become itchy. These fibers can also be sucked down into your lungs if they are floating in the air. They can scar the inside of your esophagus and do lung damage. Aside from the health issues, this insulation is not nearly as effective at energy efficiency as is spray on insulation.

This type of insulation is also known as polyurethane foam and is a foam plastic that comes out as a liquid and then expands. It is very energy efficient because it fills the cracks by expanding to many times its original size. Plus, this insulation stays where it is. There are no worries about it needing repair or replacement. It also acts as a repellant to moisture and insects, and creates a more sound-proof environment. The seal is so tight that critters will have a hard time getting into your home. So, you are not only saving energy costs but pest control costs as well!

Because it also protects against moisture, any kind of water will have a hard time entering your home. Therefore, you are also protecting your house against mold and mildew. You can use spray on insulation in ceilings and floors as well as around windows and doors. It can be a bit of a messy process, so either hire a professional or make sure that you understand how to install it yourself.

If you are looking for a way to go green while saving yourself a lot of money on your monthly energy costs, spray on insulation is certainly one route to take. You will be protecting your home for a very long time to come.